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Yellow leaves problem, with pictures


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Hello! I'm posting this outdoor grow, plants grew from random seeds, regular soil (cheaper kind), and they have alot of sun during the day. However, last couple of days they started showing signs of some kind of problem that we aren't able to identify, thus we ask you kind growers for some advice.

If you need more pictures let us know!


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Possibly N def, is is starting at the lower leaves? Looks like if in some pics but in others not. Those plants look really big for 3-4gal pots, possibly they are rootbound. Do you have an inch or so of lava rock or hydroton at the bottom for drainage? This also could be root rot from standing water in the bottom of the pot. Do you know your runoff pH? What nutes are you feeding, how much light do they get, what are your avg daily temps.

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Nice baby for that size pot, Maer hit it right on...if it's not N def, then it's likely outgrown it's pot. A nice large container and good quality food should put her right back where you want her.
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