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Yellow leaves, spots - First grow - White Russian - CFL

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I did some googling prior to this, but honestly I can't nail it down. I beleive the issue started after last feeding (4 days ago). This
White Russian is a clone I gotten a month prior. Its transplanted into soil 16 days ago. While it went well it took a few days for yellowing to disappear. About 3 days ago it showed up again. At first it started in middle (I think) and only effected the lower and middle leaves. One is yellow, probably canary yellow, and some dark almost red spoting on edges and end of leaves. Another two are yellowing and one shows these blotches near center of the leaf itself. The rest of plant looks ok but I'm not sure what todo. Fertilizer was used, Its the General Organic grow formula, about 3/4 strenght and I've done folliar spraying to keep moisture level up and some water when topsoil was bone dry. The Water/Fertilizer is 6.3-6.4ph respectively and its on 18/6 cycle. I have not flushed or treated the plant with other chemicals, etc.. If it at all helps its around 5-6" tall now. I use distilled water right now instead of tap water (because I have concern over hard water). I don't (yet) have a ec/pph meter just a ph. Soil is soiless mix with 1/2 perlite as peatmoss. Day cycle is around 76-80F normally with 27-30% moisture and at night 70-73F and 26-28% moisture typically. Airflow has been steady and constant.

I'm not sure what else to write. i hope it was enough for you to help. My thread here is called "rubbermaid white rhino cfl". Yes, I mistakenly identified the plant. It IS white russian.

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ok. I just done a flushing It seemed to have more problems than just yellowing. There are some brownish/rusty spots. I had left it without water for a few days prior to dry it up. The pot is still drying off and its kinda heavy right now. I put a gal through it pretty evenly over it. The ph was 6.0 and so was the runoff (all throughout the flush the ph kept constant) and it seemed to go well. The leaves are a bit worse off today. Two are curling upward.. She looks pitiful, I hope she pulls through.

Anyways. I just wanted to post here and say what happened. If she still has a deficiency I'll post

I'm gonna be pretty up front; I probably messed it up. If you have a suggestion I'm pretty much in your hands. I do not want to mess it up further so going to ask a few questions and hopefully you can stick around and see if she pulls through. I do wish now I had found a potting mix I liked or prefered. I definitely do not like peat already - scary as it is the peat only lowers ph slightly (at most). So if I had any fluctuations it was only 5.9-5.8ph
You only transplanted the plant 16 day ago or so? Maybe it was there, but how much did you feed in in the last 3 weeks?

I also have this problem...exactly as yours is bro...and it has spread to all my clones...so i was thinking it was the dirt, but it may be just defficient. I was reading when growing organic such as you are, or perlite and peat, soiless or something, if your using organics you have to build the web of life in your soil first. Ya know? The soil feeds the roots, the micro-organisms within the soil die and break down etc. etc. its a life cycle up in there...

Not that I was any help, but it's a good bump if anything! Somebody help!!!

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all honestly... probably 4. My big mistake was folliar feeding.
I am kinda ticked I didn't add dolomite or another additive. I should have gone with a fert free premade potting soil and added what I needed.

Some people have warned me about the mix I have but its because peat is very hard to control ph. If it gets to low it'll lock everything out.. I will probably use guano or a more complete mix next time.

best of luck go green. I suggest you post here with pictures if you need some help.
It sounds similar to my problem, minus (thankfully for you) the rust.