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Yellow leaves


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I am a new grower and have been trying to figure out why my leaves are not a nice dark green.

I'm on week 4 in the bucket.

I'm in a 5 gallon bucket with clay pebbles. 2.5 gals of water.

2 air pumps- 1 going constantly through an air stone and 1 rains down on pebbles twice a day for 1 hour each. The lights are on for 18 hours.

I am using 35ml this week of pure blend pro grow that I change once a week.

2 fans circulating air. The tent is about 4 x 2 x 7.

Exhaust fan and 2 intake vents. Runs once and hour for 15 minutes.

My humidity ranges from 40- 70 %

Most of the time it is around 50%. Seems to climb just after the rain.

Is this a humidity problem?


They look a little more yellow in these photos than they really are.

Thanks for any help.
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I'm at 6.5. Went to a store today and was told to lower to closer to 6.

Also got some CAL- Mag, Enzyme and B-1 to add.

Another pump for 2 more air stones.

He thought the temp was too high. Most of the time it is around 79 but the range is 64-81.

And I am adhering to the nutrient schedule.

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6.5 is too high for hydroponics. Also try to give it some foliar feeds, it'll bring your leaves green back faster.


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run that thing constantly!
ph at 5.5 to 6.0
low fan on plants
ppm no more that 900 till they are up and runnin
trim the lowest leaf. usually the first ones fron clay balls.
run some superthrive in the next neut batch. member dont push it yet be kind let her get comfy first
whats the temp at the bucket level, i usually raise mine a foot or two till it warms up. even if the house is warm!
temps are room temp? thats fine!
keep the fans goin constantly, not blowin directly on the plants. always have a fan for circulation 24 hrs a day. i have 5 for 2 rooms and only one intake. 0 exhaust but i ventalate by other ways.
keep in mind mother nature
keep it simple it will work better
where does your water come from?
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