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yellow tips on new growth


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Hi Folks, I'm six weeks into this years grow. Was a member in the past, got my passwords mixed up and now I'm a "new" member. I'm getting yellow tips on one of my Moneymakers, and what I believe is nitro def on a skunk Haze here's the overview:
4x4x7 SunGlo tent
400HPS 4" exhaust fan
Happy Frog medium
Water at 6.5 ish, haven't check output PH
Blue Planet nutes at "growth" rate alternating with Jack's Classic 20-20-20
Temp at 83 at canopy and 77 on the floor
Humidity at 46-52%
two each of Fruit Punch, MoneyMaker and Skunk Haze II
Pots are Smart Pot black bags
watering every other day (when soil dry at 2-3 inches and bags light weight).
Would appreciate any input,
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