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Yellow week 6 flower


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Hi all every thing has been going really good
except i have 1 plant that is going of course

The ph for soil is 6.5-6.9
when i water the ph is set to 6.6
i feed with fox farm nutes
i have fox farm soil

All of my plants are doing very well
the best they have ever done

Here is a few pics the first one is the yellow leaves
The others are just of shots from the other plants in the room





thanks all


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Ok forgot to mention the most import part
these plants all share the same pot 6 girls in each 30 gallon tub

i thought nitrogen after reading here for a while
then it might not make sense if they are feed the same and in the same pot?

Or could this still happen

thanks For your quick reply


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Sounds to me like they are all competing for nutrients and certain ones are winning. That's one reason I'm not a fan of all plants in a single bed gardening. 1 plant 1 container is my motto. I'm sure there are those who disagree and Soma is most likely one of them, but it's still my opinion.:3:


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i would not give them anything at this point in the flower stage. you say this is the 6th week of flower. you have only about 2 weeks left till harvest.


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i want harvest


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Well i cut them last night
i could not wait to ask
But since the other plant went hemi on me
i noticed that i was really late on seeing this
and the other plants where going hemi relaly fast seed pods came from no where

So i pulled them
hope they come out good they where 1 week short of the full 9 weeks
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