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Yellowing Autoflower


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Hey guys, I need your help my purple cheese autoflower is 2 weeks and her leaves are yellowing. She is growing in Happy Frog soil, in a 4 gallon pot, under a 150 watt sun system hps. She's in a Secret Jardin DR60 tent. I watered her yesterday and her Ph was 5.8 went back to check the PH is was 6.5. the water I watered the plant with Ph was 6.7. I haven't introduced nutes, also the plant is a little top heavy. The leaves are weighing the plant making it lean over. although it it yellowing it is still growing. I currently dont know my temps but I keep my tent open.


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I cant speak on a dirt grow because I've only done Hydro grows..
Im sure others will be along to weigh in.
But I have read on here the the biggest errors with dirt grows is over watering, which causes root rot.

Also look at the problem pictorial in my signature for a lot of help.
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