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Yellowing dry leathery mostly lower leaves - Early flower


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My girls are anywhere from 2 to 11 days in flower. Grown outside in pots using Fox Farms Ocean.

I have not grown anything at all in a long time. Do these leaves indicate a problem? If so, please help.

I am growing an unknown strain of Molokai grown (1 large bud was seeded). in Fox Farms Ocean. All plants appear to have the same genetics and quirks. I thought these would be Indica dominant from memory. These look like sativa to me???

I am feeding big bloom and tiger bloom (7 tsp for 5 gal) at each watering. I also add 4 tbs molasses. Each plant receives 2 ltr at each watering.

I have a journal. 420 Magazine ®

Thank you

Robert Celt

New Member
Over all, your plants look nice and healthy.:thumb: With them outside and being in flower and the lower/older leaves turning yellow, chances are its the natural process of your girls using up the stored energy in those lower leaves and shedding them.
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