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Yellowing leaf tips and unknown pest

Mr Sausage

New Member
strain : OG X bubba kush from bag seeds
number of plants : 2 in 12" pots
outdoor/indoor : outdoor
growing stage : late vegetative
fert : General Organics GO box at 2/3 strength, superthrive
medium : coco

problems :
- having tips yellow, then brown and curl up.
- is affecting mostly the bottom half of the plants
- affecting some fan leaves and all new leaves on lower half
- had fungus gnats but have been eliminated
- there is now a few orange bodied, yellow striped, 2 mm flying insects around the plants, they land on the branches and stay there until disturbed

pictures will be to follow.




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Looks like you might need to back off on the nutes a bit. Looks like a burn to me.

About the bugs I'm not too sure

Mr Sausage

New Member
Thanks nibec, that's what i was thinking too. But the thing is, it started right after i flushed then transplanted in coco. And i have not fed them since, and that was about 2 wks ago now.
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