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Yellowing leaves during flower


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Hey chaps

Almost 2 months into flowering and the leaves on the bottom of the plant are turning yellow. I recently changed the light position so it hits the side of the plant and thus hits the lower branches, and this problem arose.
I understand that this is what happens as the plants turn their energy towards the udz, but there is still nitrogen in our blooming fert and I wasn't expecting the plant to start turning yellow.

What is causing this and what do I do?




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Should I pull of some of the badly yellow ones? At the rate they suddenly turned yellow they would all be like that in a fortnight.
I'm nuting it with npk: 14 : 2.6 : 21
Should I give it a bit of a nutrient shock for an oost?

cheers again fellas


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That's a lot of N for this stage try something with less... 2 - 8 - 4 would be better.....hows your ph?


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8 weeks into flowering is a lot of time, man! I do sativa-dominant plants in 5 usually, but outdoor. Your budz are in the middle flowering judging from their form and color of the pistils, which usually means 2-3 weeks more. That must be a very long-flowering sativa you have there, and it's sucking N from your fan leaves to keep going. Yeah, don't think that they don't need nitrogen by this point, cause they still do, but they use it to build the budz and pulling it off the leaves is quicker as plants don't have to involve the root, which collects P in the same time. That might be linked to PH problem as a lot of fertilization will drop it off. Are you using a salt-based fertilizer or you're fertilizing organically?


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Thanks guys

Ph is at 6.8 and refuses to go down in my compost soil. As long as it doesn't go up I'm not too worried.
And yeh the ferts were the best I could find in bunnings, in parts of straya it's hard to find specific things especially when you're poor.
Regarding the plants maturity; it's hard to tell as all the buds have a decent amount of orange hairs but the largest top top nug in the last 2 weeks started smashing out new white hairs and now none of it is amber! Another 3 weeks I'd say :D

Thanks again lads
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