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Yellowing Leaves!


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Hi. I am growing 3 plants. 2 bagseeds, one Northern Light. The Northern Light has two leaves on the top that have yellow on them. The yellowing is starting on the side of the leaf, not the tip of the back part, but SIDE. The temperatures in my cabinet are 95 degrees when lights are on. I only have one exhaust fan on top of the cabinet. I've given it Miracle Gro 10-52-10 once at 1/6th strength. I water every 4-5 days. It has been on 12/12 since seed. Two small leaves on the bottom of the NL have died probably due to nitrogen deficiency. Also, I have 140w of CFL on each plant. 420w total in my cabinet. So why are the two leaves on top of the NL starting to yellow on the side? I'll try to get pics 2morrow.
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Yeah definitely try to get that heat down. You could get a couple of those lights out of there, that's way more than you actually need. The general rule is 50watt per square foot, you have almost triple that. Also if the walls of that cabinet are white rip out that foil. Flat white paint is better because it reflects more of the usable spectrum. Plus, the foil can cause reflected hot spots that can cause plant burns or yellow/brown spots on your leaves. (hint..hint)
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