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Yellowing please help identify!


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Two leafs have this weired yellow on them, should I start feeding it nutes? I have fox farm ocean Forrest , the bottom two leaves ( you can see one 1 The picture) turned yellow and died off anyone know why?.... Iv been trying to get it to flower for over a week now on a 12/12 light cycle and don't see any significant signs that it is flowering unless the bottom two leafs dying off is a sign.
So what's wrong with the leafs in the picture what should I do.


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As the plants get older the bottom leafs will turn yellow and brown then die off witch is normal. The bottom pic shows a leaf dieing and the one next to it looks like it got nutes and water splashed up on it on the bottom of plant witch burned it . I would say your plant is just fine. Other parts look like A little nute or pH burn. Fox Ocean is strong with nutes in it so when you add start 1/4 ad work up to be safe
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