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Yellowing recovering? or concerning?


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Hi new to the forums and first time outdoor grow, long time smoker and used to do a little hydro. Right now i'm getting little less than 15 hrs of sun light, about 6 of that being direct. After germinating the bag seed i found (not sure the strain) I put it in a little planter with basic soil. After i felt it was strong enough i moved it outside a little at a time till it just stayed out there permanently. Few more weeks went by transplanted it to a bigger pot once again basic soil but mixed in 3/4 cup of blood meal. Couple more weeks went buy and on Friday i noticed yellowing. My ph is always real good right after i water 6.3-6.5 after a day or two it will be little over 7 at the top and and lower as you sink the probe to around 6.5 near the bottom. I figure when it does that i water the next morning and good to go 3-4 days between watering usually. Anyway here are some pics from Friday morning.

So i run to the store get some epsom salt and mix a tablespoon in my gallon of water sitting out ready to water Saturday morning. Then i find this about mid day when i returned and the plant was in the sun by now.

Sorry bout the sideways one forgot to fix that. So i call on google some people say its good others say mag or sulfer def so i figure whatever either way i got epsom salt mixed in my water for Saturdays watering. I have been watching it over the last few days and seemed to be greening up. So yesterday it was like 98f here and im sure there is not a lot of humidity either. Today was much nicer in the low 80s and humidity from the rain last night. So here it is currently today is Tuesday and 5 days since first noticing the yellow. Just curious if it looks to be recovering or if i might still have a issue. Pics from today.

The first 5 finger has come out still a little yellowing on outer edge.



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It was the day before the epsom was introduced that it was up like that, it was actually right when I returned from running errands and picking up the epsom salt. I watered the next morning with the salt mixed in since it has to set for 24 hrs. As far as other nutes the soil had some npk to it also low percentage, and every other watering I give it bat guano 1 tbs worked into the top of the soil, don't member npk right off its at the house but I know it's higher nitrogen. I am not seeing claw or any signs of toxicity, which I was afraid of with the blood meal and guano. I will post some pics from today but I think it's coming around.

Pics from this morning right after feeding and watering. It got a little rain the other night not a ton so took a extra day before i watered.

The small leaves are so textured it looks funny in pics but, but definitely looks to be greening up to me.
All opinions are appreciated that's why i'm here.

Thank you.


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Thanks Kola glad to hear it. Any ideas why that would start the same day I seen the yellowing? Don't think it's in the strain since I was able to get it to green back up. Really threw me for a loop to see both of them in the same day. I read the high five or praying was a good thing, but within hours of seeing what looked like a deficiency to me is where I got concerned.


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yellowing to me I always think of nitrogen first yours really aren't bad at all don't think I've ever grew a plant threw without leaves yellowing in the veg stage. Just think of it as a kid crying he's hungry lol. I run Hydro so my plants can get a little touchy if not kept in check. You have a healthy plant and lets remember its a weed they are to say the least a very resilient plant they can take a beating and bounce back. But 98 thats a little warm
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