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Yes Or No To Males?

Im Too Lazy

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someone told me that you need to take out the males as soon as you can definatly tell what they are and another person told me i needed them to get a bud and i just need to put a bag over the ballsac.

which is true?
thank you


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I ended taking my best 4 plants into flowering and only one was a female. Turned out nice though. Pull all the males as soon as you spot em.


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A couple of weeks into fowering the plant should start showing its sex and at the nodes, where branches connect to main stem you'll notice a new growth. That is the sex part and it will let you know if its female or male. Females will develope what looks like a little nug with hairs coming out, males will develope sacks where the pollen bursts out. Male plants do give but and it is smokable. In fact males from a good strain can be better then some females from a lesser strain. The problem with males is they don't produce as much bud, but its just as strong, and they can cause females to have seeds, which takes away thc from females. Thats the main importance of seperating, because the females can't get pollen to make seeds, the thc that it would take to make seeds is not lost.


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ya know its strange, but I keep hearing that some peeps think a male is needed to get some buds. . I wonder where the hell that came from. It's def not the first time I have heard it, I was at my bar after work last week, and I overheard a freind of mine say the same thing. .. (IDK, he was bragging, so I let him continue with his misinformation. . . what an ass lol )

Unless you want seeds, or are trying to to come up wit some hybrids. . . pull the males as soon as they show sex. . . after you pull them, wash your hands befre handling you other babies. . . :peace:

P.s. males do have thc, but not much. . . IMO, not worth smoking. . .
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