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Yes Or No To Males?

Im Too Lazy

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someone told me that you need to take out the males as soon as you can definatly tell what they are and another person told me i needed them to get a bud and i just need to put a bag over the ballsac.

which is true?
thank you


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the first person is right. the females make better buds without a male around to pollinate them.

only keep a male if you want it to make seeds in your bud.


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definately chuck the males into the garbage. you dont want a ton of seeds do you?


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if you see a little white hair anywhere on the plant its a female.
males just make balls.. and there will be no white hairs.

it mostly depends on the strain when they start developing hairs or balls, but any strain will begin immediatly if placed in 12/12 light schedule. probally should wait untill they are a couple feet tall at least to do that the bigger they get the more bud they can make. up to u.
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