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Allowing the medical use of marijuana is a simple matter of compassion. The reality is that
most Coloradans can already get marijuana if they want. It is hypocritical and cruel to
prosecute those few it might actually help.

Amendment 20 would exempt patients suffering from serious or chronic medical conditions
from Colorado criminal laws concerning possession or use of marijuana. It would require
them to register with the state and to carry a state identification card. It mandates that each
case be re-evaluated every year and requires that marijuana use by anyone under 18 be
approved by two physicians and by each parent.

Just as critical is what Amendment 20 would not do. The amendment specifically forbids
anyone using marijuana under its provisions from possessing more than two ounces of pot. It
does not allow marijuana use in any setting that is in plain view, in any place open to the
public or in any manner that would endanger anyone else. It does not require health
insurance to pay for pot, and it specifically says employers do not have to make
accommodations for its use.

Does marijuana really help with long-term pain and the side effects of treatments such as
chemotherapy? Opinions differ. But clearly a number of those suffering believe that it does.

The question then becomes: If someone seriously ill and in long-term pain has available to
them something they believe will help them, should we treat them as criminals?

No, we should not.

Vote "yes" on Amendment 20.

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