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Yet another newbie on a budget


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I'm setting up a nice little 4x4 feet indoor garden. While most of my issues have been worked out, I'm still uncertain about the lighting. Ideally I'd make my own LED setup, but I have no time to build one and my budget isn't all that I could wish for.

I have considered BossLED. They're cheap enough that they can be replaced. I distrust the 10w diodes, so I have checked out the two following from their 3w lineup. I'm aware that they're not high end, but they seem to have good enough of a reputation.
Diamond UFO 150W (3W LED) LED Grow Light With Optimized 360-870nm sunlight spectrum
150w (actually 75-85w) UFOs. I figure that 3 would be a good number. I could add a fourth later, and at 65 dollars each they're cheap enough individually that they can be replaced, while the power seems low enough that heat shouldn't be too big of a problem.

At 125 dollars, the 450w (289W) panel is significantly cheaper for a given amount of lumens. The higher watt panels may be cheaper still, but I fear they'd burn out and be expensive to replace, not to mention ruin harvest entirely. I figure that 2 should be sufficient.

My second option might be something like SANlight.
62w (actual power consumption) at 260 euro. Very high end, apparently, and little chance of burnout, but the cost is significantly higher. I fear that I'd end up with such such insufficient power that I might as well not bother.

I'm open to other suggestions, but unfortunately they must be available from a Euro supplier, preferably German. UK might work out, but I have some mixed experiences with mainland deliveries. US is right out. Customs would add 50-100% of the cost if I went with an outside source, and I might draw some unwelcome attention. Unfortunately the market here doesn't seem as vibrant as in the US.

It's a pretty tall order, but I hope some of you will help me out. :thanks:

Edit: Or, you know... 2 300w (actually 145w) 3w chip Roleadro panel or 2 300w (actually 135w) Viparspectra 5w chip panel. Of the two, Roleandro is cheaper, uses more watts (probably good, unless the 5w chips are simply more efficient), and uses 3w chips, while Viparspectra is rated for twice as many hours.
I'm highly skeptical of 10w chips, and tend to lean towards 3w, but 5w may not be that risky.
I've also had a look at an alternative in the form of a Roleandro COB. Either 2x400 or 1x800.
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