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Im not sure - but from what Ive read in a few posts - is that you can get 400g if using a 400w light, 600g for a 600w etc. I think it also all depends on how well you grow them and what size you put them in to flower. Im hoping to get at least 2 oz per plant in the grow im doing at the minute but seeing as its my first im always learning, so anything is better than nothing.


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yes you can, But i believe it would have to be an outdoor plant, I correspond with a young couple in cali. Who have a very nice outdoor garden in thier backyard, He consistently gets right about 2lbs per plant at harvest. Now, Keep in mind these plants are about 8-10ft tall, and about just as round. lol. And not to mention his backyard is his growing pot, (No pun intended) lol.
But yes, it can be done if you have the right space and equipment. Ive heard of an indoor grower who averages about 1 &1/4lbs from his indoor girls, while growing them in 10gal pots. I havent seen it, but with everything being perfect, I dont see why not. lol...



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i think that now days,,, with all the new lights and such,,, indoors in hydroponic,, i think you could,,, IF you had enough room,,,, i have very little room and i got 2ozs. off a plant,,
but the reason it doesn't happen is for volume,,, it would take a long growing season and it would take up alot of room,,,, so small plants with a good yield is better for volume...
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