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Yikes, I chopped 'em down!


Hello All
First grow, 3 plants of unknown strain, 2 looking the same and the other different. I chopped these little girls down just now without 48hrs dark, and hanging them in the tent with my last plant that will be in 48hr dark. She is a different strain than the other two, (all of unknown origin) and doing an experiment regarding the dark/no dark period. So many conflicting views on flushing and dark period. They all were flushed once, 2 days ago. I had been flushing them prior, for 2 weeks, thinking it was time, and it wasn't so I decided to continue nutes 10 days ago because they needed more time. My thought was why starve them? I don't think the nute load is as heavy as it would have been if I hadn't flushed them for 2 weeks prior to starting the nutes again. It is the last day of week 11 FFS, and still rich green, but the trichomes are mostly cloudy with some Amber so I chopped them. So exciting...these have been growing for 6 months start to finish. I did all kinds of training including LST, supercropping, and defoliation which set them back I believe, plus I didn't have my wonderful set-up until later. The 2 smaller plants are super compact and the 3rd is not. Fingers crossed!
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