YIPPIE ! A 420 Surprize 4 Me

Jim Finnel

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I ran out of buds and just had leaf to smoke today, but some friends i hadn't seen in almost a year just stopped by. They got me high, high, high :3:

It was the first time I've smoked Grapefruit and I likes it! Then to top things off they gave me an 1/8 of it and about 20 seeds of the same. So now I have some California Big Bud seeds and these Grapefruit seeds.

:3: :48: :3:

Happy 420


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Re: YIPPIE !!! A 420 Surprize 4 Me

Wow that sounds like quite a time. What nice friends to hook ya up like that.. sounds like it really made your 4/20!!


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Re: YIPPIE !!! A 420 Surprize 4 Me

I first experienced grapefruit a couple of years ago, I thought at the time it was the best smoke I'd ever tasted, I have smoked many different types in my years! But grapefruit has to be one of my most favourite green, we cannot get it here in England so I'll have to wait 4.5 weeks to get a sample or ten!!!
It's funny you talking about grapefruit I was just saying to my hubby that I must get me some when I go to Amsterdam! He likes red leb
You have some really great friends, seeing you right like that!
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