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Yo Yo Yo! Blank States is here


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just saying what up to everyone we are based in nor cal. growing my own meds.. got 2 1000w air cooled lights. just made me a 45 hole clone box, check me out @blank_states on instagram if u want or have questions. i make rosin n bubble hash as well. iam here for information n to share what i know. this my first post. so what up yall and have a enlightened day.

Ian Bastage

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Welcome BlankStates :welcome:

We are always happy to listen to advice & to give it so please dive right in. You will like our Grow Room. There are Grow Journals, a FAQ (this is where you can help) etc. We have a Gallery for posting your pics & you can even win prizes for the best Bud.

Glad to have you here.

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