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This is the first time I've ever posted on any forum ever. In Fl the general toker community is still very underground, so I joined as way to connect (esp. now that I'm not in school anymore and casually talking about smoking is less acceptable). I just moved to a new town, and making those connections are doubly difficult.

A bit about me: 26 going on 27. I would be a starving artist if it wasn't for my husband-to-be (I bagged a doctor, w00t!). I smoke mostly to deal with my OCD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but bud is much more than a mere medicine and I enjoy its recreational qualities as much as those that help even me out. Hopefully Fl. will move in the right direction this November and I won't have to worry about scrounging for a connection anymore.

If anybody here is in Gainesville and wants to hang sometime, new IRL friends would be very welcome. I'm looking forward to making new friends in general, though, and I'm glad I decided to join.


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Welcome! :3:

Good luck finding locals, and I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here very much. There are lots of positive and kind folks around these parts.

:welcome: :high-five: :yummy:


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:welcome:BlackFox420! This site and the wonderful people on it have been a really great help to me. You're definitely in the right place for information. :peace:

devils letuce

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welcome to :420:

you picked the best site to be apart of. there is so much knowledge packed into this one place.
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