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You Can Soon Add Weed To Everything Else You Can Pick Up In Vegas

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Las Vegas has long been known as a town for getting a little wild. Now, you can add legally buying and smoking marijuana to its list of recreational activities.

Nevada’s Tax Commission on Monday approved a set of temporary regulations allowing the state to issue recreational marijuana licenses starting July 1, the Las Vegas Reveiw Journal reported.

The state anticipates generating at least $70 million in recreational marijuana taxes in the first two years.

Local marijuana dispensaries hailed the temporary regulations. Armen Yemenidjian, owner of Essence Cannabis dispensaries told the Review Journal: “It’s great for the state. It’s great for the industry. I think it’s great for everybody. This is a display in how Nevada gets things done.”

Marijuana sellers must now get approval from state and local governments. Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, will begin processing licenses by July 1.

California smokers will have to wait significantly longer to buy recreational marijuana in their home state. Earlier this month, the California Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation released the first draft of its medical cannabis regulations, allowing for a 45-day comment period.

The regulations were required by the Medical Cannabis Safety and Regulation Act, which was approved in the legislature and by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2015. California’s Proposition 64 legalized marijuana in November.

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