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You guys have successfully helped me with my 2 first grows. I've got some questions


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Ok so I'm going to be starting my 3rd grow with White Widow seeds from CKS. I've got a few questions about my past grows. My last 2 have gone fairly well, I'm just looking to make it even better. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Pertinent Info:
Veged for 4 months, then Flowered for another 4
Light cycle was: 18/6 to 12/12
8x White Widow
Grow room 10x10x6
600w HID, Closed ventilation w/ Carbon filter
Intake vent is 10"x4"
Exhaust Vent is 6" air ducting with 2000+ cfm fan
CO2 ranges from 500-700ppm
Pots were less than 5 gallon

Nutrients (Per 1 Gallon)
Sensi Grow - 1 tblsp Part A & 1 Tblsp Part B
Sensi Bloom - 1 tblsp Part A & 1 Tblsp Part B
These are administered as needed. Not on a strict watering schedule, I water them a minimum of every other day or as needed.

1. Bud was not very dense, it was quite fluffy
2. Small buds
3. Lower than average yield (170g from 7 plants)

1. Even though the bud was light and fluffy, it was still rather potent, I'm not upset with the quality. I'm just looking for some larger, denser buds.

1. How much should I be topping the plants before flowering?
2. How long should they veg before flowering?
3. Do I need more light for the amount of plants I'm growing?
4. Should I veg for longer/shorter?
5. Should I put them in larger pots next time?
6. I have no clue how to cure properly, any suggestions on that would be great.

Again, I appreciate any help of suggestions on this, thanks in advance.


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Re: You guys have successfully helped me with my 2 first grows. I've got some questi

A lot of ur questions r subject to opinion, strain, and preference. With that said I will tell u what I do and u can look at my journal and decide if u want to take the info.

1 I have a stretchy white widow x shark that I FIM 3 times. I find the results better than topping.
2 My plants are in veg 2 months after roots take on clones or first true set of leaves on seeds
3 you have 600 sq ft, I would shoot for 1800-2200 watts. I don't think it's about the number of plants but, the size of them. U could have one monster or 20 hempy buckets like in the journal "perpetual pics"
4 I have found great success using 1g then into 5g then finish in 10g or 15g
5 I do a light trim and hang mine upside down until the stems crack, then trim and mason jar opening the jar for a couple hours each day, cutting back time as buds cure and sweet aromas take over. There are also cubes on amazon that will pull out or replenish moisture for a perfect cure. I believe used in cigar industry. If u look up moisture cubes or curing it should show up.

4 month flower seems long but there are Thai strains that I know of that need 12-15 wk.
Fluffy buds can be many things, curing, drying, genetics, light, this list goes on. Maybe it's time for some new seeds. I assume these r sativas? This is a trait that in my experience is more common indoors. It could have also been my lack of experience at growing them at that time.


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Re: You guys have successfully helped me with my 2 first grows. I've got some questi

If you're running 8 plants under a single 600w light, I would say you most definitely need more light.
You want on average 35watts per square foot bud. With stronger/more lighting you'll get much denser buds, and a lot better resin/tric production.

Alot of your other questions can be answered by looking at the stickied pages on the forums here.
As for your bucket issue, the bigger/better your root system gets, the bigger/better your baby can grow and yield. That being said, I see no reason to grow something like lowryder that grows from seed to harvest in a big gulp cup, into a 5gal bucket.
3-5 gallon seems to be pretty standard for most medium plants. I grow in 3.5gal buckets and can easily get my girls to 48" and yield about 4oz give or take depending on the strain. I use 5 gallon buckets for some of my longer growing larger grows, like when doing single plant scrogs and such.


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Re: You guys have successfully helped me with my 2 first grows. I've got some questi

Others have said great words.
When I get lost in live... whatever the situation... I go back to the basics.
Your babies need 4 things.

1. Nutrient energy. Many things can play into this. Different types of nutrient energy are absorbed differently at varying PH and temperature levels. Different kinds of medium or soil are a large variable. Did you have a religious PH plan working? Did you underfeed? Did you have frequent overfeed issues? Do you measure your PPMs?

2. Light energy. Sounds like you might be a bit low.

3. Water. The solvent that runs the system. Did you over or under water? Were there frequent times when they ran dry? Do you have a firm understanding of your source water?

4. Air. How was your humidity? Is this a low CO2 situation?

Of course, that's just barely scratching the surface on most of the points. Each one is a bit of a separate science.
We didn't even touch on pests.
One more thought... bad things that happen as your plant grows will have significantly negative effects. You can't really expect a plant with a history of problems to give a decent yield.


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Re: You guys have successfully helped me with my 2 first grows. I've got some questi

Ok here is my options i think you need a bigger pot like they say the bigger the roots the bigger the fruits ? Topping its all up to you i like to top my plants 3 to 4 times you could top more if you have a big space what else i like to veg for like 2 months and curing your bud i have the C Vault its really good for curing and storage you cannabis here is a picture of the C Vault it come with these boveda humidity packs it will keep your humidity at 62% humidity is the key to cure to meds so yea here is the pictures if i think of something i keep you inform ?


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Re: You guys have successfully helped me with my 2 first grows. I've got some questi

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