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You Might Be A Grower If


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OK so I'm on a roll...just a slow roll so I have to post again instead of it all in one post...

you might be a grower if... your wife tells you to pick up some cobs on the way home and you show up with Crees and not corn

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Not trying to be a wet blanket here or anything, but wouldn't that just currently mean Weeds and Disjointed? Or are there others of which I am not yet aware?
There’s a ton of documentaries
Up in smoke,
Legend of 420, also had one on Jack Herer. Many on medical marijuana (politics, research, current events), then you have all the gang banger / cartel crap.

Hulu also has a few.
I consider all news channels to be cannabis related since I need to be stoned to the bejeezes before I even think of watching the news today! :laugh: Come to think of it, sports would also be cannabis related...Oh, and cartoons, although, it's a "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" with the cartoons! :19:


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Re: You Might Be A Grower If...

If you have to go poop after every helicopter you hear, ya might be a grower.

When you hear people talking about two girls and one cup you tell them you better transplant quick their going to strangle each other!
If you never heard of two girls and 1 cup consider yourself lucky and trust me you dont wont to know. Humans are nasty lol.

I got one!
Your driving down the road and you pass a dead skunk and your wife starts to gag and complain and you just smile and breath deeply
at the thoughts of breeding a strain so pungent.

you watch grow videos on you tube while surfing 420mag oh wait thats what Im doing now!

If you ever considered tasting your run off to check for too much acid because your ph meters broke.
“Two girls one cup” two plants in a single solo cup is so much better to look at that the other two girls one cup!! .

Mr. Krip

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For the Holiday Season:

If the caramel apples you made for Halloween had infused butter as the "secret ingredient", you might be a grower!

If you thought it was a good idea to go to the costume party dressed as Adam or Eve using an Indica leaf, instead of a fig leaf, to cover your privates, you might be a grower!

If you wrapped the toasted pumpkin seeds your friend brought you in a damp paper towel, put it in a ziplock bag, and then on the top of the cable box, you might be a grower!

If your key take-away from the story of Thanksgiving is that the Indians taught the pilgrims how to use fish fertilizers, you might be a grower!

If you pick out an overly large Christmas tree figuring you can just LST or supercrop it to make it fit your room, you might be a grower!

If the mistletoe hanging over your door has five-fingered leaves and a "funny" smell, you might be a grower!

If you find yourself asking your neighbors about the PAR values of their Christmas lights, you might be a grower!
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