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You Might Be A Grower If


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When You look at other trees not cannabis related and spot the deficiencies.

You look at big pine trees and think what if that was cannabis.

When you are out and about and see other's people house plants or lawn plants that need nursing haha.

You practice fimming techniques and topping on outdoor weeds to see how they grow. No not the smoking type of weeds.


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You might be a grower if.

You develop PTSD after looking out the window and see 3 cop cars parked in front of your house.
Yea even after it's legal the paranoia is still there. A neighbors house was raided down the block. I was going to work and was like oh shit because they were around the corner gearing up. Then I remember how important caregiver paperwork is haha.


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If helicopters make you nervous
I tell people I'm like a simple kid that gets all excited and needs to see the helicopter when I hear it.. mates think I have this weird helicopter interest,lol..


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You might be a grower if...
Youre attic and every cupboard in the house look like the spares bins from a discount hydro depot. Plastic tubes and broken water pumps falling out of every orifice. Rockwool pyramids in piles on the floor, hundreds of miles worth of scillicone tubing just waiting to tangle you up. It's a messy affair lol.


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Aghhh every fekin time mate. Get em a lot round my way. Usually looking for missing people using heat cameras so go every right to feel para lol
I am like King fucking Kong on the empire state building when they come over !! Military airport near us too so i lose my shit when i hear the Chinooks and air ambulance is stationed close too. I am getting myself some old russian S.a.m 's off the dark web soon!
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