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You'll Never Guess Where Women Are Putting Cannabis - Or Why

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As legalization sweeps the country, the cannabis plant has come under serious scientific scrutiny at last. And, seemingly with every passing week, it continues to yield one game-changing revelation after another to the world of medicine.

The plant contains over 80 known cannabinoid molecules that provide relief across an astonishing spectrum of ailments, ranging from cancer and epilepsy to diabetes and irritable bowel disease. Now, women have found yet another novel use for the plant many are calling a modern medical miracle.

Nope...not kidding

A company in the UK called Foria is producing vaginal cannabis suppositories for relief of dysmenorrhea (period pain). The condition arises when the muscular uterine wall contracts forcefully during menstruation, impinging on blood flow in surrounding vessels. The blood vessels are well equipped to make it known that they do not like being squeezed. They are richly innervated with pain sensory fibers that have a very low threshold for firing, producing the all-too-common cramps and discomfort many women endure before and during their monthly cycle. Men too clever for their own good have dubbed the familiar syndrome PMS–for "partner must suffer", "psychotic mood shift", "potential murder suspect", or "pack my suitcase".

Welcome relief

It's no laughing matter, though, to those who have to cope with period pain every month for decades of their lives. So, this new product will likely be welcomed with open arms by women understandably grateful to enjoy some relief any way they can.

A handful of cannabinoids are known to have powerful analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-spasticity (muscle relaxant) properties, but only two of the molecules are included in the remedy. Sold in packs of four for $44, each "Foria Relief" capsule contains 60 mg of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and 10 mg of CBD (cannabidiol) in a cocoa butter base. (The company also produces "Foria Pleasure", a cannabis oil-infused aphrodisiac spray marketed as a natural enhancement to sexual enjoyment.)

Many modern doctors and scientists acknowledge the superior medical benefit produced by the synergistic "entourage effect" of the complete profile of cannabinoids and terpenoids in whole cannabis. They note that trying to treat with individual, isolated molecules instead is less therapeutic than using the whole plant or full-spectrum extract.

The opposite belief is held by those of the western medical establishment, who place their faith firmly in Big Pharma and the drugs they push, because drugs are much more "scientific" than a mere plant. (The organism came first, of course, and is so scientifically complex that even one seed could never be synthesized in a lab, but these are trifling details.) Still, to women suffering the considerable pain of dysmenorrhea, anything that can provide some respite is a great place to start.

Men don't get it

The Foria suppositories are shaped like tampons and deliver cannabis's analgesic and muscle-relaxing benefits, but without other common effects like euphoria, relaxation, sleepiness, or appetite stimulation. (That's fine. In this case it's buzz, schmuzz! From a man's perspective it's impossible to imagine dealing with this level of pain and general discomfort in this region every month. We'd never be able to handle it. So, we definitely could do without catching a buzz from the medicine if it meant the nightmare would stop!)

And apparently it does, at least for some women. A reviewer on the website Broadly wrote "Within 20 minutes my cramps totally disappeared," adding that other pain relievers wear off, but "one Foria suppository did its job well into my evening."

More good news indeed from the plant that keeps on giving.

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