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Young plants already seem to have problems


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Hey everyone, new to the 420magazine forums and I hope to learn a lot!

Ok so my problem is that I have 13 clones that I got Friday the 23rd of July. They astarted out about 3 inches tall and are now anywhere from 6 to 9 inches. They were in great shape had already rooted great and just looked superb.

So I brought them home and put them in the backyard with the rest of the plants (which are almost as tall as me). I put a protective net over them, kept them cool with a spray bottle about 5 times a day and watered them once a day. I decided to bring them indoors (after being outdoors for about 1 week) because I noticed slugs on them and realizing that I only have about 1.5 months to veg i wanted to put them indoors for at least a couple weeks to get 24 hour light and hopefully get them much bigger before budding.

Since I have 6 40 watt florescent tubes i went ahead and put them indoors. After cleaning out my closet and putting them indoors they seemed to be doing great. I watered them and decided not to water them again for about 48 hours to prevent mold and allow them to build a strong root system. But about 24 hours later i noticed some of the clones were limping and leaves are turning yellow... I gave them some fox farms grow big at that point (i though maybe they were needing water and some nitrogen). Since they have never had nutrients i only used a half teaspoon in a gallon. But no signs of improving.. So i kept watering regularly (every 24 hours) and they weren't getting better...

So last night (Tue Aug 3rd at about 7:30pm) I added some hydrogen peroxide (less than 1/3 cup of 3%) into a gallon of water and used 1.5 teaspoons of fox farms and used this batch on the clone in the worst shape. And i gave the rest of them just water. I wanted to see how the one would do before giving it to them all.

The reason for the peroxide is because there is signs of green mold on the white rocks on top of the soil, barely any but id like to stop it before it gets out of hand.

They are in they're original rock wool cubes and placed in red party cups in plain soil. no fertilizer or nutrients are in the soil so i can decide exactly what they get and when. some of the clones are doing fine but there are a few that are worrying me. especially the one in the picture.

No signs of improvement in the plant yet, only been about 10 hours or so since I tried that nutrient and peroxide water on that clone but I would think it would at least start to perk up...

My indoor set up is in a walk-in closet with 2 flouresent fixtures both with reflectors and 40 watt bulbs in each (4 in one 2 in the other). I have a fan constantly cooling them and i keep the light anywhere from 1-3 inches away from the clones depending on their size.

What could be the problem? The leaves are limping (actually most of the clones leaves are limping.) and some are turning yellow. It is really worrying me you guys....

Could it be: slugs? ph? mold? deficiencies? not enough water? to much water?

The pics are of the one that is worst off and a general pic of all of them. If you need any more information or pictures please tell me and i will promptly reply.

I already cut off 2 yellowing leaves from that same clone... Its in bad shape. I really do need help before she dies and the others follow suit.

So in summary their diet has consisted of water only, they received 1 dose of fox farms nutrients at a level meant for week old seedlings. They are throughly watered every 24 hours and are under fluorescent lighting 24 hours a day.

Could a deficiency cause limping also?


Thanks so much in advance.

p.s. I went and bought a ph test kit for $6. the ph in my water is about 8. I know thats far to high right? We have ph minus that we used for our hot tub and i tested it on a gallon of water and was able to bring it down. I am curious if this can be used though?

Ive also heard that vinegar or baking soda can be used to bring the ph up or down. would this be a better solution than the PH Minus? Is the high PH why the leaves are yellowing and limping?



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High pH doenst allow the plant to absorb the nutes too well. for me, my tap water runs 8.5+ but i add a VERY small amount of raw powdered citric acid and i get it down to around 6.0, which is more ideal levels for the plant. lemon juice will work too to lower pH too. (but i think your pH down for your tub is fine). Also from what other growers have told me about my plant (also have a 2 week clone) is to lay off nutes in the water for a while since the potting soil has some already in it. It also kind hard to tell from the size of your picture what the problem is but i could possibly be over watering or too high concentration of nutes, but dont take my word for it, im not an expert yet lol :peace:


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So in summary their diet has consisted of water only, they received 1 dose of fox farms nutrients at a level meant for week old seedlings. They are throughly watered every 24 hours and are under fluorescent lighting 24 hours a day.

Thoroughly watered every day is too much. Let them dry out a bit before watering. You should seriously consider a decent ph/ec meter. Those spa kits are too subjective. No more nutes until they improve....


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ok guys I had to leave earlier than i planned this morning and there were no replies yet so i took it on myself to test something out. I mixed a batch of PH correct water with a dab of hydrogen peroxide along with a half dose of fox farms organic nutrients. right before i left i watered them with this mix.

They were ready for watering and i didn't want to keep giving them our horrible tap water and hope they got better.

When I got back after 8 hours the leaves are already perking up and gaining a little color back!

Thank god, I was getting really nervous.

The soil I purchased was bought specifically because it is plain soil, no supplements or nutrients. This way i can control exactly what they are getting.. I think maybe that is what happened,. they are about a month and a week old and have only had enough nutrients for a seedling. Plus the fact that our PH is so high here may have kept it from getting the nutrients at all.

I definitely agree i have been watering them far to much. there new watering schedule is when they are dry they get water.

Thanks a lot for the help guys ill keep you updated if anything else happends


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The soil I purchased was bought specifically because it is plain soil, no supplements or nutrients.
What is it called?

Knowing your soil makeup would tell us a lot more.


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The brand of soil is called hyponex. It contains all organic ingredients which are stated as "forest compost, hypnum peat, sand and perlite." I got this because I want to control exactly what they are getting. If I got miracle grow soil or something similar I wouldn't be able to give them organic nutes or even be sure how much they are receiving and when, if that makes sense.
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