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Your diagnosis please

Crooked Rain

New Member
First time grower.

Have gone through the bulk of these forums looking for answers. Compared pictures of sick plants. Having troubles deciding whether this is a deficiency, sun stress, overdose.

Plants are a month old. Started indoors with natural sunlight and have stretched a lot as a result. Plants have just been placed outdoors. Our water is on the softer side of hard. Elevated levels of calcium and iron.

-God's Treat (err that's what was ordered. It looks like I may have two different strains)
-Pro-mix HP
-One tablespoon Fish Emulsion (5/1/1) diluted in two gallons water. Feed once a week

I plan on transplanting them into their permanent holes soon. Will be using promix, worm castings, manure, bone meal, lime and a light organic slow release.

Any suggestions appreciated
Thanks in advance


Crooked Rain

New Member
So after a full day of cloudless skies, half my plants look like the one in the picture.

My hunch is the plants are struggling going from six hours of solarium sun to full days of direct sun. I figured this might cause them to wilt (like most plants do) but perhaps it is a combination of sun bleaching and the plants working in overdrive.

Planning on skipping the nutes this week, giving them a bit more shade, watching for signs of infestation.

Still worry about PH/nute deficiency though.

Open to suggestions and will post with updates.

Lester Freeman

Well-Known Member
Welcome. Your grow is important to us, so we as a community will try to see to it your needs are met.

At first glance I thought to myself that looked like powder mold, but maybe not...

I'm guessing it's either a Magnesium or Zinc deficiency turning the edges of the leaves white. Check the pH of the water and the pH of the actual soil.

In the case of low magnesium levels, Epsom salts can be used as a supplement. My tap water has about ~300 ppm of each Ca, and Mg, and so when watering with hard tap water here in the states, I basically never see these deficiencies. You may also check the local water supply report for exactly how much Ca there is in it compared to Mg.

Hope this helps, looking forward to see your plants grow outside. :thumb:

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Crooked Rain

New Member
Thanks for your response Relaxed Lester!

I do have some details as we just had our water tested as a family member has chronic kidney stones.
Hardness as CACO3 326 mg/L
Calcium 106 mg/L
Magnesium 15 mg/L
All other elements are trace levels.
While Iron was not tested, we do know it is heavy (Can see deposits)

The plants have been outside for three days total. Before going outside, there were no visible signs or sickness. All were a happy green.

Will look into PH. If anything, it may be low as that is what I have read about Pro-mix BX/HP. Just peat, perlite, verm and lime I think.

Will look into the powder mold/Zinc/Mag suggestions.

Thanks again for your input.

Lester Freeman

Well-Known Member
You're welcome. I am confident your plants will bounce back after they get transplanted and adjust to their new home. They tend to "grow out" of a lot of different things.

Your Mg levels seem pretty low, especially the magnesium at only 15 ppm, so it would not hurt to supplement with dolomite lime or Epsom salts.

So the possible low pH from the promix and the low amount of Mg could be contributing to this. Although, normally we see yellow chlorosis and not white. Hard to say exactly what it is, just need to keep monitoring them. I'm sure once they get transplanted that they will like it better.

Good luck and feel free to post updates, or also make a journal for your plants so that more members can chime in on a more popular part of the threads: 420 Magazine ®

Crooked Rain

New Member
Thanks again for your input.

I'm sure this is the first of many problems I will encounter. I find that my mood fluctuates depending on the health of my plants. Funny but true. Wonder what will happen when I start competing with bear, deer, and moose :)

Treated with 1/4 strength Epsom and lime. Working on PH. Will post update pics once I see a change in foliage.

Thanks again

Lester Freeman

Well-Known Member
Yeah, with outdoor growing, the list of possible problems are almost endless.

I also find that when my plants are happy I am happy (and vice versa)

You do want to watch out for those animals

But the most treacherous of threats comes at a time when the plants are in hard flower and the buds are forming. Moths are the biggest killer, they lay eggs that turn into worms and the worms eat all the bud and cause mold. So that should be one of your main concerns when you get there.

Lots of possibilities outdoors, but as an outdoor gardener we adapt to the environment and see to it a harvest :Namaste:

Once again, good luck. Feel free to post updates here, I'll be happy to assist more.

Crooked Rain

New Member
Other plants beginning to show the same signs. Original plant treated with Epsom and Lime for a possible magnesium deficiency and to help buffer the PH. I realize the adjustments will take some time to make a difference, just thought these pics were a little more pronounced. May help pinpoint the problem.

Thanks for looking.



Lester Freeman

Well-Known Member
With a little tender loving care, a warm sunny day with a cool breeze and some nice organic ferts in the ground, I am sure these plants will grow right out of it.

We can also see the problem does not appear to be spreading to newer younger growth. Which may imply since it is considered immobile, that the problem may be rooted deeper than just low Mg levels in your water. Trace metals may also be locked out, or deficient. So consider that, especially if they are in the ground where plants were before, certain immobile trace metals are used in different quantities by the different plants. This leaves us with an unbalanced amount that needs to be replenished. Just a thought to consider. Although chemical fertilizers specifically designed for cannabis have these trace elements in them already, so additional supplementation isn't required.

Moral of the story, just keep giving them tender loving care and they'll be fine. You run into a lot of this stuff outside, I've noticed how cannabis has an amazing ability to adapt, which is probably why it exists today!
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