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your flushing methods

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So I am coming into week 7. I'm going to need to start flushing soon. I'm keeping an eye on the trichomes. I'm using a ebb and flow system with a 8 gal rez. Only 1 plant. I have heard of so many different ways and time spans. So I'm wondering what you guys do. I am using botanicare with sweet citrus. I have heard of people flushing with sweet and water only for a week then only water the next.
If it is your first time dank daisy I would suggest K.I.S.S., PH balanced water and a flushing solution. In hydro I believe a one week flush is sufficient. If you want to save money KingJohnC in one of his threads has a DIY flush solution recipe.


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If growing organic - flush 2 weeks If growing non-organic (advanced nutrients, ect) flush 4 weeks (texbook) In reality flush 2x's your growing container size thru out your flush