You're Gonna Want To Take A Seat For This Auto Grow!

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Thank you all for tuning in and joining me on this grow! This will be my first grow journal, but not my first grow. However I am still a noob and have lots to learn. This will be my 3rd grow. I grew 2 blueberry autos separately with great successes! The second is drying right now, expected 4-5oz yield. I'm now stepping up my game and maxing out my tent with 3 baby's at once! I will be growing 2 THC Bombs and 1 Auto Pounder, I chose the strains because of their advertised potency and high yield. I fully expect to get close to a pound if these strains do well. So let's jump into it!

First off I want to give a huge shoutout to these companies "who are actually the same company =P" Auto Seeds and Bomb Seeds. Extremely fast shipping to the US and they sent me a bunch off freebies! Their stealth packaging was uncanny and I didn't even click the "ultra stealth packaging" option. At first I was like IVE BEEN SCAMMED haha, upon further inspection I found their secret hiding location!

I won't bore you guys too much with seedling and veg pictures because I know really what we all want to see are them bud shots ;) so I will just be updating here and there and asking any questions if need be. But these girls will pretty much be on autopilot till flower.

I am growing in a 2x4x6 tent. 2 carbon filter fans sucking in fresh cold air from the bottom. I have three 450w vipaspectura leds in a row along with 4 6000k cool white led tubes just for a little extra firepower. I'll be using black gold potting soil "last grow I made my own mixture which was great, but this time want to try out a pre made one and see how they fare." I don't like transplanting and I've had great success just putting the seed straight into their final pots, these will be smart pots, elevated on racks in a 2x4 saucer. I've only LST and topped up to this point, but this time I will be scrogging to max out my area. I have a siphon in a 10 gallon bucket hooked up to a small hose for easy watering. I use straight tap water with a chlorine killer that's used for fish tanks. My nute lineup is below.

The only problem I'm having right now that maybe somebody could give me some tips on is the light leakage from the bottom vents. I grow discreetly and I don't like that somebody could look through those vents and see what I'm growing, I don't want to do a false bottom because that would take away from my much needed vertical space. So if you have any ideas I'm all ears!

The seeds have only just popped so I'm just allowing you guys to get your snacks and take your seats :) here we go!

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Here's some eye candy from my first grow. Just for yalls viewing enjoyment :)

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The London guide threw me at first. ;)
Looks like you have a nice setup!
Me too!! I got an international package and was super excited, I knew this had to be my seeds! I opened it up and was like oh no...
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Probably best if you don't share the companies secrets on the web.... soon customs will know every trick-.-
Do you really think so? I mean if that's the case then by all means I will take it down. Just wanted to give them major props.


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nice looking set up you have bro when i got stealtg delivery from a seed company i thought i had been scammed aswell haha im gonna pulll up a seat and chill please check out the acg auto growers club thread its in my signature below for all your auto flower needs :) happy growing
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Not trying to be an ass bro, I just don't want custom talking all our seeds haha.
No worries good looking out! I wouldn't think customs would be online trying to figure out how seed companies get their seeds across the border lol. I was just blown away with their packaging wanted to brag. I got my first seeds from ilgm and they weren't hidden at all, just openly in the package lol


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I've never grown autos before and know nothing about them so this will be a real treat! Do you just leave an auto on a veg light cycle its whole life or do you flip it to bud?
autos will flower in any amount of light hench the auto in autoflower it flowers automaticly for best results 20/4 light schedule you dont have to change to -12/12