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Yummytrees Grow Journal - Pineapple Chunk -Liberty Haze -Blue Dream Haze-Coco/Perlite


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What strain is it?
1.Barneys Farm - Pineapple Chunk - Clones
2.Barneys Farm - Liberty Haze - Seed
3.Cali Connect- Blue Dream Haze - Seeds

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
Pineapple- Indica Dom
Liberty- Hybrid 50/50
Blue Dream- Mostly Sativa 20/80 Indica/Sativa

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?

If in Flower stage... For how long?
Pineapple Chunk- 21 days
Liberty- 8 days

Indoor or outdoor?

Soil or Hydro?
Coco Coir/ Perlite 75/25. Coco is pretty hydro like depending on how many times you water it.

If soil... What size pot?
1 gals, 2 gal, 3 gal

Size of light?
2- 400 watt Hids for/ flower
1- 6 tube t5 320 watt/ veg
1- 4 tube t5 90 some watt/ veg

Is it aircooled?
Hids are

Temp of Room/cab?
65-80 F

Whatever it gets to I cant really control it atm. Dosnt get to high though.

PH of media or res?

Any Pests ?

How often are you watering?
Whenever needed.

Type and strength of ferts used?
Pure Blend Pro Grow
Pure Blend Pro Bloom Soil
Cal Mag
Liquid Karma

Heres what i got so far. All advice appreciated, been growing a lil while but still learning the ropes.

3 of my Pineapple Chunk Clones in flowering. Had a pretty ruff veg cycle, but they look pretty great for 21 days flowering. Hopefully harvesting on day 70 if im lucky. They were transferred into 3 gallons from 1 gal pots and I gave them a week extra to fill in their pots before 12/12. I also lst'd them a bit.
Now (day 21 Flower) Liberty Haze is on the bottom left in the 3 gallon. day 8 flower for her. No transfer before hand. She has been topped and lst'd.


Before 1 week flower and on day 1 of flower

I also have 9 Pineapple chunk clones in veg that I cloned from the ones in flower. Its day 21 veg and they are in 2 gals. I should have started them off in 1 gal but now im paying for that a lil bit with less watering when I wanted more for more hydro like growth. Also Pineapple Chunk is a very finicky eater. I swear it is more Sativa like than Indica. Iv heard of her flowering time taking up to 80 and even 100 + days for some people. Was advertised as a 55 - 60 day flower.

Just planted 3 Blue Dream Haze sprouts in 100 % coco in 1 gal pots. No nutrients till second or third set of true leaves? Not sure how much nutrients I should start them off with but ill post a feeding schedule sometime

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Re: Yummytrees Grow Journal -Pineapple Chunk, Liberty Haze, Blue Dream Haze,Coco/perl

Very nice intro. Nice seeing you post grow here on 420mag. You got a lot going on for sure. I wish you the best.


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Re: Yummytrees Grow Journal -Pineapple Chunk, Liberty Haze, Blue Dream Haze,Coco/perl

Seems like the Pineapple chunks in my 4x2 are having a lil cal-mag problem. Some red burning on the sides off my mid leaves and some lower, discoloration on some leaves too and since its red I believe that means its a cal mag prob. My ph might be off too and that could be causing it. Guna re calibrate and give them 5ml cal per gallon as well. This is this weeks feeding -5ml grow/ 5ml cal / 3 ml karma- per gal. Its still my week 2 feeding even though im on week 3.


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Re: Yummytrees Grow Journal -Pineapple Chunk, Liberty Haze, Blue Dream Haze,Coco/perl

This is my Feeding Scheduled for pineapple chunk in veg and flower atm. Im still on week 2 veg feeding even though im on week 3 veg. Gota readjust a bit. Tell me what you think? All advice appreciated. Im more than likely guna use this feeding as a base for Blue Dream when its second or third set of leafs show and just readjust and document as I go for future use.

 ml/gallon
 Plants will be watered whenever needed. If watering once a day or more, transplant into a larger pot unless flowering. If flowering water when needed.
 PH of 5.8 must be maintained.
 Plants will be fed nutrients every watering or as directed on nutrient bottle.
 Flush before flowering.
 Flush if burn or deficiency.
Week 1 – 2.5ml grow/ 2.5 ml bloom / 1.25ml karma (bloom to help root growth)
Week 2 – 5ml grow/ 5ml cal / 3 ml karma
Week 3 – 11.25ml grow/ 5ml cal / 3 ml karma
Week 4 – 13.75- 15ml grow/ 5ml cal / 5ml karma
Week 5 – 15ml grow/5ml cal / 5ml karma
Week 6 – 15-20 ml grow/ 5ml cal / 5ml karma (if I veg longer, this is what i usually keep)
Week 7 – 15-20 ml grow/ 5 ml cal / 5ml karma / 5ml bloom
Week 1 – Flush / 11.25 ml grow/ 5ml cal / 10ml bloom
Week 2 – 10 ml grow / 5ml cal / 11.25 ml bloom
Week 3 – 5 ml grow / 5ml cal / 17.5-20ml bloom
Week 4 to day 50-60 – 5ml grow / 5ml cal / 17.5 – 20 ml bloom
Day 50-60 or shortly after – Flush / 17.5 – 20 ml bloom / 5ml cal
Day 60 or 7 days before harvest Add last feed of nutrients then stop feeding. Flush 5 days before harvest.

Hope this makes sense


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Re: Yummytrees Grow Journal -Pineapple Chunk, Liberty Haze, Blue Dream Haze,Coco/perl

For Pineapple chunks in 4x2

Could my nutrient amounts be too low? Should I feed more? It dosnt seem like nutrient burn but more of just a ph lockout or that they just want more food. I think they are suppose to turn more lime green if they are hungry and could eat more but im not too sure how reliable that is right now.

Their leaves are not lime, but dark with some light blotchy green in the middle of some leaves. Also red rusty curling on the tip and sides of leaves. Some of the lower leaves are starting to yellow but I think thats a little normal for some of the ones close to the bottom. I did notice a few bottom leaves with blotchy specs of brown/black in the center and yellowing at the tips but still kinda green leaf.I think nutrient burn is suppose to turn more yellow and crisp and fall off so im leaning more on a ph lockout and that they could eat more. Im still trying to learn how to properly diagnose my plants. I might just feed week 3 feeding next watering at 5.8 ph with a good bit of run off.


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Re: Yummytrees Grow Journal -Pineapple Chunk, Liberty Haze, Blue Dream Haze,Coco/perl

Just picked up FloraNectar Sweetener- FruitnFusion 0-0-1 ,was $10 for a quart so why not. Guna start adding 5ml per gallon to my flowering schedule after the first 2 weeks of stretching, which is now for all 3 pineapples and next watering for Liberty haze in flower. Also my ph meter has ran its course. Its been a bit buggy lately and now its just not reading correctly, even after readjusting. Its reading it way over or way low to the point were an error or unreadable sign pops up.
Hopefully get a new one by 5/14/14. Guna use my ph drop tester till then.


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Re: Yummytrees Grow Journal -Pineapple Chunk, Liberty Haze, Blue Dream Haze,Coco/perl

Today is day 28 for Pc 1-3 in flower and Pc 1-9 in Veg.
Day 14 for Liberty Haze in flower
6 days for Blue Dream Haze

Lots has happened this past week. Buds are really starting to form on Pc 1-3 in flower. Some hairs are already turning reddish/brown. Not too sure on the brown, seems too early. Some of the white hairs on pc 1 main cola seemed to be falling back into themselves and turning brown. This is happening no were else on the plant. All hairs are shooting up besides there. Some lower buds are getting red a little. I was able to read somewhere that its normal and new white hairs will take their place. So I guess this is just bud forming. I raised the lights a bit because I thought they might have been to close and wanted to play it safe. After I did that I noticed a few new white hairs shooting up. So idk ha! Still seems a bit early for color change on day 28.

As for the Pineapples chunk in the 4x2. They seem to be doing better. I gave them week 3 veg feed but I was not able to ph it. I used my drop test kit and got it as close as i could to 5.5-6. I might top/fim them on day 30. I got 40 or so days veg still! Gota start keeping em short, its guna get tight. I will be transplanting them into 3 gals when the move into flowering. Im hoping ill be able to fit em all in. Guna have lots of work since im doing hand water to drain.

Now for Blue Dream. My crazy cat found his way into my room undetected while I was working. Turned my back to get water and came back to him holding one of my seedling in his mouth! Put it right back in coco immediately. The little seedling still seems to keep standing!

Pics Soon!


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Re: Yummytrees Grow Journal -Pineapple Chunk, Liberty Haze, Blue Dream Haze,Coco/perl

Blue Dreams. Front one is the one that my cat decided he liked the best.

4x2 Pc 1-9 Looking a bit better. But im really just waiting for my ph meter to come in to start tackling my problems.

Pc3 in flower

flower room

Liberty I pruned her leafs a bit to add more light to the canopy. Its 14 days for her now. I think shes done stretching. Really was no stretch. That could be do to me not transplanting her. I didt do it because she takes a while before shes ready to be fed again and thought she needed to fill up more.


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Re: Yummytrees Grow Journal -Pineapple Chunk, Liberty Haze, Blue Dream Haze,Coco/perl

Decided ima flush Pc 1 and 2 in flowering next watering and stop using grow. The buds on them looks a loose and not dense compared to Pc 3. Might be because of taco curling (too much nitrogen.) They still have a good amount of time left. Could fatten up still. Does anyone know if too much nitrogen halts or slows bud growth?

I also topped all the PC's in my 4x2. Its guna get crazy in there. They still have a good bit of veg left. I hope its not guna get to the point where im guna have to water 2 or 3 times a days since im doing it by hand. Doing every 2 or 3 days atm for them. Maybe ill be able to put all of them into 3 gallons and still fit em in there but i really dont wana do that.

Ima guna clone not so early next time. Been so excited about it since I figured it out. Lesson learned :p


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Re: Yummytrees Grow Journal -Pineapple Chunk, Liberty Haze, Blue Dream Haze,Coco/perl

Just watered pc1-3 and liberty. 3 gal- 15ml cal - 52.5ml bloom - 15ml sweetener

Iv read that plants in flower dont need as much nitrogen. Seeing as how my bloom has nitrogen (1-4-5) im just going to strip grow nutrients from flowering and only use in veg. Ill use grow nutrients only if the plant could use it, but as far as I can tell Nitrogen seems to maybe be causing fluffy nugs that arnt as dense as im use to. Could just be the strain. What are your takes on nitrogen levels in flowering and how they effect you plant?


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Re: Yummytrees Grow Journal -Pineapple Chunk, Liberty Haze, Blue Dream Haze,Coco/perl

Day 39 Veg and Flower for all Pc's

Things are getting dense in the 4x2! The tops have gone good. Had to re-top one of them. I just wana start keeping em as low as I can. I think im guna either super crop or lst till they go flower. Plants are looking lots healthier also. I still got some problems but nothing major. I lowered their feed this time to 10ml grow/5ml cal/5ml karma per gallon at 5.8ph.

Pc1-3 in flower are looking good also. Pc3 seems to be doing the best. Biggest nugs but still with all white hair. Pc1-2 are starting to fatten up a bit more but they have some orange hairs. Still lots of white hairs though.



Liberty haze is doing fine could be doing better but it did go through a ruff veg. Pc1-3 in the 4x4 also went through some ruff veg time.
Bluedreams are also doing well. Still think they are too small to start feeding.
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