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Yx - Bag Seed - Eco - First Grow


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So.. my first grow.. and my first log....

Well. Hi.. Im me, from Norway. and are just doing this for the experience and fun and economy.

So strain.. Bagseed from a hybrid not the best out there but yeh.
Bean: Nice brown color, big and looks sturdy.
Soil: regular fertilized gardening soil
Lights: ATM just 1 cfl 25w 6700k but have 3 more cfl's and a controller for my 2 x 30w 6700k tubes on the way.
For floweing i will use a 250w 2700k cfl with awing reflector and have the other lights nearby.
Fertilizer: regular flower stuff.. no hitech fertz in norwegian shops...

And before u guys start telling me to get other stuff. Stop.. This is what I got, and this is what I get.. (orders from my GF) until I am more experienced..

anyways on to the plant:

1 seed in water around 8 hours (it stayed underwater after pressing it down)
then in a papertowel on a plate with a cup (making a humid dome above the paper inside the cup).
Placed on a shelf with spotligts under making it good and warm in the cabinet.
2 days it germinated and had a 0.5cm tail approx.

I planted it in soil and under the lights. 25w 6700k cfl

I run 19/5 (why u ask? why not i answer.. ideal is 16-24 hours. i know this. but lets do it for sience)

day 2. the seedlling popped only 24 hours under light

Day 3:

looking good in my eyes


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Re: Yx-Bagseed-eco-firstgrow

Day 4:
It grows nice so i start minimal stress training (toothpicks) switch to 24 / 0 light

Day 5:
Curl up around the toothpicks nicely the mainleafes are getting bigger and it have a really nice green color.
Tomorrow my stuff will arrive.giving me a total of 4x25w cfl 6700k and 2x30w t8 6700k fluor tube for veg and a 250w cfl 2500k for flower.
Will get a picture tomorrow.

Eh. should I use the 250w cfl 2500k as supplement on vegging or is it just waste of space.?


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Ok.. stop twisting my arm alright.... I ordered a 250w 6400k cfl today... will have it end of next week. and ill have the 25w x 3 as darkspot fighters.

is my plant doing ok even if the 2 first leafs (those not zigzagged) to be abit yellow edges and look abit "done".
what may cause this.?


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Day 8 - It really gets bigger and bigger every time i go watch it..

Fcking annoying tho.. I go watch all the time.. Seriously.. I know nothing happens but I cant help it..I guess some of u guys know what Im talking about :p

Anyways. I repotted yesteday to a slightly bigger pot plastic and good drainage.. The root system filled nicely out the fibrepot.
And someplaces it even stuck to the pot ? damn roots :p So i pulled them out gently.

I also noticed that one of the roots was overground.. so had to get more soil and cover. hope this doesent stress her/him out to much :p

Pictures later today maby or tomorrow..

Or maby right away... this was taken last night:


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Thanx man!
Ye.Im like a kid in a candystore everytime i run checks xD
But Im so paranoid that I fck something up. Overwater or stress or whatever xD nah.Imma go take a hit and chill the fck down

I've been growing for a decade now and I still check on the plants constantly. I sit there and start at them for hours, it's very hypnotizing for me. I meditate in my grows, it's really the only place I can find peace and an abundance of oxygen.

Your seedling is very healthy! Definitely where it should be for the age. You're doing great!


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No rush man, don't be so hard on yourself. You're doing great :) She's gonna love the new cfl. Plus by the time you get it she's going to be able to use more of that light rather than a small seedling with a single set of leaves you know?


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What do the bottles say they are? Could you take pictures of the nutes that you have so I can see them pleeeeease :)


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Cool, wait a little longer on the nutrients. The soil has nutrients already in it so once those have been washed out many many times then you can start the nutrients :) I'd say 10 waterings then start maybe?


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Start out with low feedings, since this is your first grow don't try anything crazy. Just do 2 pH balanced feedings and then 1 pH balanced flush.
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