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Zamaldelica & Friends


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1 week 11/13 today.

- Zamaldelica is showing pistils, and is not stretching as much as I thought it would in the first week.
- CG also showing pistils and stretching slow.
- RED1 is catching up with the Zam in height and is showing signs of female.
- RED2 is not showing sex yet. Seems to be growing really slow.
- DFBM is showing pistils and is starting to get taller.
- Tikal is stretching and is now over 1 foot tall.
- Congo is still little, but on its second set of leaves.

- Will update pics soon.


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2 weeks 11/13 today. Nothing exciting yet. Still don't know if RED2 is female or not yet.

After 3rd week 11/13, I'm going to add a few sprinkles of budswell to the topsoil, and just water. Maybe again after week 5. Also I may add a little cal/mag to the water a couple times.

All are going through the stretch.


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RED2 is also female! Finally starting to show pistils. Therefore, I think there is something to that method of being able to select a female seed by looking for the "volcano" pattern. So I have no males this go round, but I need to see if I saved some pollen somewhere!! I love making seeds!!

The Tikal looks like a little tree. It does not really have a good stem/bud ratio. But we will see how the buds develop. Does not seem like a big yielder, but we will see.....Stem rub, and it is pure funk...but the leaves smell peachy! Reminds me of the Acapulco Gold.

Red2 is a girl. She is shorter than Red1. Looking forward to trying these!

Red1 is the biggest plant. Probably over 4 feet now. Still growing! I like the structure of these plants. Looks like a real old school Sativa. Leaves look like they have no indica in them.

CG seemed to stop stretching and is budding nicely.
ZAM is looking nice. Shorter than the angolas.
DFBM seems to be a runt, but its budding nicely.
Congo is a couple weeks old or so. It did not get any of the 24/0 veg light, so its small. Its basically has been 11/13 from seed.


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A little over 4 weeks 11/13. All the ladies are doing their thing. I'm using budswell this grow for the first time. My soil is also recycled from previous grows. I added worm castings to the soil. So far so good.

Colombian Gold. Not as tall as I thought it would get. Definitely looks less sativa than the rest of the plants.
It smells like WEED!

The baby congo that was a last minute throw in. .Basically 11/13 from seed.

DFBM definitely needed a longer veg, but I think its a RUNT. No smell yet.

These Angola/F13 X Red Thai are over 5 feet tall, and probably some of the most
sativa looking plants I've ever grown. I can see a little Mekong (Red Thai) in RED2.

Tikal is a big plant. Its only in a 2 gal. This is also a very sativa looking plant.

Zamaldelica looks like a christmas tree. Its almost 5 feet.

I'm having humidity issues. I got a little dehumidifier for the tent, and it came down to about 56%. I'm trying to get it under 50%. Temps are around 83 F. They are also getting thirsty....

In another week or so, I will do a little defoil on the plants that are leafy.


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ok, its starting to get a little bit more interesting. The ladies are doing well. I added a dehumidifier to bring down the humidity to about 50%. CG seems hungry. Leaves are turning yellow already. I will give her an extra scoop of budswell in the next few days.

Tikal: She is a BIG plant. THis one probably needs to be topped for a better yield.

RED1 is looking good. Most sativa plant I've ever grown.

RED2 is looking like the Mekong!

DFBM. This little runt is doing quite well.

Baby Congo.

CG is the funkiest and skunkiest of them all. I can definitely see the "indica" in this plant.


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A little over 8 weeks 11/13. These babies need at least another month or so. CG has the fattest nugs, followed by Zam and the REDs.
I added some budswell to the soil a week or so back. I also added some orange juice and honey to the tap water. Ill probably do the orange juice/honey water a couple more times, and maybe add a little more budswell.


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Colombian Gold is doing her thing. Several weeks to go.

DFBM needs to fill out. She is sticky!!!

RED1 is a BEAST!!!

RED2 is a BEAST!!

ZAM is coming along nicely. Looks like it will finish before the REDs

Tikal and Congo are way behind the rest....
Its almost exciting! Seems like there is still about 8 more weeks to go until the REDs are done. We will see! Not sure how I feel about the long flowering plants....YET


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Yeah, I can see the difference in the long flowering bud structure. Seems to have less density, but more of a concentration of THC. I'm interested in seeing how much the buds swell up. I'm experimenting with my recycled soil. Seems to make the plants greener each grow. I'm also going to try to take the girls a little later this time. Let them ripen up a little without too much amber. Maybe less than 10% amber this time.

Lebanese should be interesting.


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I just remembered that I have a small number of Zamaldelica seeds when I saw this thread in my list of subscribed threads. Can you tell me a little bit about your impressions of this strain (in regards to growing it)? Easy to grow? Light or heavy feeder? "Stable" or have you seen any opposite-sex flowers? How is the ODOR (what does it smell like, and how strong is the odor - would it be utter stupidity to grow it without a carbon filter in place)?

And did you happen to keep track of the number of days that the stretch lasted, from the first day of 11/13 to the last day that there was measurable vertical growth? I'd be very interested to learn whether the stretch period still lasts 40% of the total flowering period - or if that only holds true for a 12/12 light schedule?

Err... Did you run 11/13 all the way through flowering?


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