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Zigzagburning Grow Sour Kush X Blue Mystic 04-17-11


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Well I decided to do another grow journal. This one is a little diffrent . I am in the mist of crossing some really good weed together . Blue Mystic is the male pollen I used and The Sour Kush is my Lucky female.

I been growing for a bit so I had some blue mystic Pollen so I sprinkled some on sour kush(head band) . Now it comes down to seven plants and the lucky winner that will be picked to produce the seeds of life. This is my first cross of these 2 plants.
It started off with 32 Plants and then I weeded them out to 16 before flower then it went to 9 in flowering then found 2 more males and now it is at 7. This all happened in the last 6 weeks with today being the starting of week #3 flowering.

This is ever thing I used

Soil - Sunshine mix #4
Nutrients - Sensi 2 part Grow & Bloom
Enhancers - Fox Farm (Open Sesame, Beasties Blooms,ChaChing)
Grannys H1 and H2 (Humic & Fulvic acids)
Grow Bags 3 gallons( Holding 4 gallons)

OK here are the pics I took today when I watered which they get 2 liters every week
The tall one to the left is the one that got lucky.Week 3

Last week

Now some flowers and this is week 3



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Forgot to mentioned that I am burning 430 watt 58500(lm) in a Bell Lighting Tech INC. LR400MV shade which gives me enough coverage to grow 9 plants . I am growing in a Temp and humidity 4x4x8' high grow tent with a air hockey table which is setup to do a drain to waste.

Air Hockey Table is 3X4 feet .
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:rollit:OK to explain some of what I am doing. One day just sitting down pissed off that one of my supposedly feminized Blue Mystic was a male. Oh well it happens right and to make the best of it I had some Sour Kush. Two nice beautiful females so one I put in another grow room for a week and in the mean time seeded it with the pollen I kept from the Blue Mystic.
I lucked out the cross took pretty good. I notice some differences in the plants. As they grew in the last few days I have notice some more differences in the plants though they are pretty much growing all the same main structure. I have notice deferences in the bud structure ,little in the node spacing and some are getting a good blue tinge to it. Sour Kush is more of a red, but Blue Mystic has a blue tinge to it. So I know the female is Sour Kush so I am not looking so much for red I want the blue. It so Happens it is more of a purple so there are red and blues and by looking at all the other plants this was the one I wanted to seed with the Blue Mystic Pollen again.


This is her, as you can see above the colors in the leaves. Remember these are only coming on to the 4th week. I love her colors and her leaf structure. I like her hight not to tall actually she is one of the smallest and she was pick in her 2 weeks of veg. I just like how she grew. Really healthily but a little shorter then the others.

So I was looking at them and I found another that caught my eye. This girl was the medium in the bunch in hight. But I have notice a little color in it. I also notice that the leafs had a bit of crystal on them already. Wow I was amazed how much compared to the others ,so I sprinkled it to.

This picture is the best I took today. I can see all the differences and similarities in these Plants. Out of 32 Plants I ended up with 16 keepers. Which I thought were the ones that were the more healthier. Out of them I got 9 females and here they are.

Out of these I have seeded 3 . 2 I showed you and one is a secret for now. It is the least likely i thought for a match. I just want to grow them some day to see.
So there you have it
More to come

I do like this idea of what am doing more and more. I keep thinking what they are going to be like. They do smell a bit more then the both crossing strains put together. I have notice the Sour Kush smell right away but behind that it has a sweetish smell I haven't notice in the straight Sour Kush.
Oh have I mentioned the name Of this strain yet!
I am going to called it BlueBand ,it seems approbate enough. That is if it turns out really good if not it seems to be a good adventure.
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All I want to Put in today is that these babies love the water around 6.4 and like the soil at about 6.5 - 7 shooting for 6.5 because lower they will show PH stress and it is the worst to have because it always gets confused with nitro deficiency or to high mag deficiency and causes more problems.
I always shoot for 6.3 in the water with nutes. I run lake water comes right from the glaciers. High in allergies even with filters and water becomes pretty hard . So i do add a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide just to equal things out. It keeps the ph from rising from the allergies. With out Hydrogen Peroxide I find it hard to keep the ph staying down. I would bring it to 6.3 and in a day it would go to 6.8 . Then I bring it down again and then when the allergies actually dies the Ph goes to low and causes my soil to bottom out at 5 or lower. This was all from little allergies we can't really see. Tough little fuckers.
I had a Friend from way back told me to use hydrogen peroxide when I told him my problem and how my leafs where going yellow all the time and trying everything to stop it. He ask what kind of water I was using And I told him . Just that word came out of his mouth was problem solved and just that easy. Goes to show that a big problem is usually cause by a little problem that was undetected . That easy and that simple add hydrogen peroxide at very small amounts . I find 2 small drops per 2 gallon works good for me .
enough of that on to the eye candy.

All Of the leaf damage is either from wind burn or poor watering techniques and this is day one of the forth week



A nice Example of wind burn.







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Eye Candy 04/30/2010 High Resolution 10mp camera diffrent lighting Test












:smokin: More to Come of each Plant:smokin:

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Eye Candy 05/01/2011 High Resolution 10mp camera

Here it is the starting Of 5 weeks pretty much the half way point.
You will notice some Blue Hues on some leafs that would be the blue mystic coming through.

First to show you mom and dad

DaD: Blue Mystic



MOM Sour Kush



Now on to the siblings

Plant 1




Plant 2




Plant 3




Plant 4




Plant 5




Plant 6




Plant 7




There is more in my Gallery

Thanks for looking Comments welcome

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zigzag!! for some reason it didnt auto subscribe me to your journal... i missed the last few updates but just ran through it. Looking excellent sir ;) Also. I dig the 'photo shoot' pics you did with the white background. look really good! Time for them to start REALLY packing on the weight :)

Ya I figured it was the only way to get to see my girls with there blue hues. We tried to keep it as natural to daylight as possible. These pictures have not been touched with any photo software.We used the white back ground so we wouldn't have to use the flash.
They are all turning blue and it is just starting so they will be looking real good on the next pro shoot right before harvest. But I will be still putting photos up here but without the high quality as the ones i just did and will mostly be taking right in flower room with lights on.

Can you see blue ? I can and loving it.
Ha Ha it really worked so far ,on the road to BlueBand



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well week 6 . I am giving 1/4 teaspoon of beasties bloom per gallon 7.4 ml of both sensie grow A&B. 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide .No yellow tipping as of yet. keeping Ph around 6.4-6.5 soil seems to stay @6.9. Their bud structure seems to be growing weird now but one is still looking on track .
Here are some randoms .Most of the leaf curl is do to fan I believe but i need the flow for the light . My light is around 16" above plants with a 430 watt SHPS.
Room High in temp is 27.6c 82F
Low is 25.4c 76F rough conversions








Some leafs have doubled the size of my hand and they seem to be Pretty happy now. I have only picked off about 6 leafs so far of all 7 plants which were yellowing from lack of light usually at the very bottom.

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They are getting bigger and bigger every day. Weird they are growing buds from the actual bud if that makes sense. Also I tried to capture the full pinkness of the hairs but It doesn't look the same as the human eye compare to the picture .


There is roughly an once in each cola so far . smallest one is around 3 inches in Diameter and 12 inches long . I think I might see a qp or close by harvest.
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