Zkittlez & Citrus Skunk Quadlined, SP150 & 250


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Hey everyone I'm back with another journal, this time I'm going to start with some better genetics and more knowledge gained from here. What got my attention was the quadline technique I've seen used on here multiple times. I was originally going to do a scrog this time around but let's face it we all like to move the plants around and see how they are doing and the net just means something else in my way so quad it is.


Zkittlez from i49
Citrus Skunk from Jordan of the islands


Mars 40x40 tent
Mars sp150 + 250
Infinity cloudline t6
3 gallon fabric pots
Promix HP soiless

Fertilizer and supplements:

advanced nutrients -
3 part micro grow bloom (veg)
2 part sensi coco a+b
Cal mag xtra
Bud ignitor
Big bud
Voodoo juice
Rhino skin
Bud candy (waste of money I know)

Cx horticulture:

Regen a root
Growth enhancer

Wow Mycorrhizae


Will post some more when the lights are back on.


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How far along are the already? I'll pull up a set and watch the show
Thanks for joining the show. The zkittles popped the soil around december 12th to 15th. They had a miserable cold life for for the first few weeks but are now coming around.
I started 2 citrus skunk seeds about 20 days ago and will soon show photos of her and her sister (hopefully) after some light beginner bondage.


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I have been thinking about quadlining a few girls myself. I don't wanna have to mess with a net either. Also, I really wanna get my yields up. Those quadlined plants look like they yield as well as most SCROGS I've seen. I'm gonna stick around and watch if that's cool.
Pull up a seat. I think this method of training is worth it if you have the time. I went for 4 mains on the #2 plant which have 5 tops per branch totalling 20 tops. Haven't counted the #1 plant tops yet but there is probably close to 30. It has 6 main shoots tied down and it's only been topped once.


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Moved the girls to a new suite.
5x5 viparspectra
Dimmed the sp 250 to 100 watts for veg as I kept getting light stress after about 14 hours of light.
Removed the sp 150 and replaced with a lenofocus quantum style board that's dialed down to 85 watts as well for veg.



Zkittlez #1


Zkittlez #2



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The feeling I get when I open my 5x5 and realize its almost filled is very nice.

Day 9 flowering and everything looks great, although I need to water the two plants in the front twice a day as 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon pots was a bad choice.

The 1 gallon potted zkittlez is going insane and was started much later then the other ones. The root structure must be healthy with the frequent wet dry cycles.


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Day 16 of 12/12 and it seems like I faired pretty well on the timing switch this time. Hoping the stretch is over but I may tie down the big one in the corner to be more in line with the rest of the bunch.

Hoping maybe someone will chime in on my thread. It's been a quiet one in here, wouldn't mind hearing some feedback good or bad.



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Did some lollipopping on the biggest plant today. Took off a ton of undergrowth and can't even tell from up top. Anything that didnt make the canopy got chopped with zero forgiveness. Realizing after my first grow that extra bud isn't always a good thing, would like to have all of the energy focused on the tops for some higher quality smoke.

Gave the girls a dose of miicrobial mass that I got as a sample from the local hydro store.

Albeit a little early I do believe all of my zkittlez ended up being different phenotypes even though they were supposed to be feminized and very stable genetics.


Doesn't look like alot but It should help tremendously with my yield. (Hopes)


Group photo

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