Zye5t's - 5 x Autos - DP's White Widow & Critical Cheese - First Grow

Here's pic with lights on, still using MH bulb. In 2 weeks gonna switch to HPS 600W one.

Question, should I keep them on this position till harvest? I mean those tiny ropes (LST) or should I release it when they gonna start flowering?
Ok, I'll try to get equal height on all of them. Thanks golfer:high-five: I checked your journals aswell and read some usefull tips there. Atrain's feed schedule works really well.

Ladies growing so fast now and drinking once a day, I think I'll be out of some nutes lol. Sometimes I give 1-3 drops more nutes to check if they can take it and so far they like it!

On next watering gonna change my nutes a bit to:
1.5ml/L - Grow/Micro/Bloom, 1ml/L - Voodoo juice/Piranha/Rhino skin, 2ml/L - Cal-mag/Bud candy

Late white widow feed:
1.5ml/L - Grow/Micro/Bloom, 2ml/L - B-52/Rhino skin, 1ml/L - Cal-mag/Sensizym
(same feed for the others for now)

Next week I'll switch light from MH to HPS and start feeding them more and little bit different nutes for flowering phase. I have to wait another week due to late white widow since she's 1 week younger than the others.

Critical cheese


White widows




and young white widow on her first training (2days now)


Everything is ok I guess, they looks healthy and so far no sign of nute burn, nor mold or bugs (I use fan filter for intake to prevent little creatures going in)
Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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