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4 crem de la chem autos. 1 blue dream photo. 1 pineapple chunk photo. Dwc 3.5 gal buckets. Day whatever of lockdown. Plants looking rough. Made some changes now it's the waiting game. Hoping for the best!
Now I know why dogs are so excited to go for walks.. :smokin2:
Green thumb lou
Green thumb lou
Yes I agree. I stare out he window like I am gonna get to go for one soon too
Haha I hear ya GTL! I’m guilty for staring out my windows as well... one hour I might spend 15 minutes looking out my bedroom window up stairs.. next hour I’m looking out my kitchen window by the sink! :smokin2:
Hey donkey bro how life is good be safe during these stressful times .

Love from Canada bro
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Cheers Joe.
Life is good, mate. Always welcome to be reminded of that, too.
Got meds, dogs, the woman I love and all we can eat. Churlish to complain.
The virus is in our street now, someone just up the road is infected. Bit unsettling.
You guys stay close, be safe.
If I just start answering threads with "the purple jetliner sailed majestically across the red sky until the tiny bug coughed it's last breath." Will it make any difference? I swear half of you can't be bothered to read an entire sentence. How many of you even made it to this part of my blurb before making an assumption about it? :blunt:
Doing an Aeroponic grow atm with your seeds, had great success at spouting 15/15... i just sadly killed most of them but hey a warlock, tangerine dream and purple bud is now vegging in the tent, let me know what you think.
Grow journal 2020
First post! Long time journal reader. Thanks to those who have put in the hard work for newer growers to get a head start.

First week of flowering, two vanilla frosting clones in FFOF/perlite mix soil. Using Fox Farm nutes and additives with no solubles, half ish strength, details to come, feeding one-two times a week, watering 2-4 times a week. Maintaining 58% RH during veg at 80 degrees F. Now flowering I switched to 48% RH for flowering at 80 degrees F. Night temps are 73 degrees with 45% RH.

Using Mad Farmer MOAB soluble and Terpinator at the moment. CMH Phillips 3100k 315W, with two 32W LED grow panels under canopy optimized in red and blue to ensure the whole plant sees uniform spectral intensity distribution.

I’ll be making a grow journal soon to detail every variable from pH to RH to spectral intensity etc.

Good luck out there!
i want to thank u for lights and the boogie brew tea its really going to increase my yield and for also be so good to me and mom i think of u like famly
Thank You, I want you to see you succeed with your grows . you and your mom are Close friends and I appreciate all your help :high-five:
How do you get grain alcohol if they don't sell it in your state? I assume travel to a state that sells it lol?
Yup just like we used to have to do for fireworks haha.
Our sponsor Extractohol can ship to the following states:
Alabama Iowa New Jersey South Dakota

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I figured I was going to have to drive to one of the states. Sadly, I am not included in that list. I was looking to making oil.
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