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So I’ve been too embarrassed to post again as I don’t know what the hell im doing...evidently. Months ago I bought a seven pack of seeds, successfully germinated, and set those weed-lings out in the rain. Bad idea as the rain was waaaaay to harsh and only three survived. I took them inside and allowed the batch to dry out. I never did that again, rather hand watered as needed, briefly. Two of the three die, leaving me one strong guy.

From the picture gallery I’ve noticed that many guys are getting fully grown plants in 9 to 12 weeks. WTF? My little plant has had plenty of direct sunlight (3 hrs), indirect sunlight (all day), and nothing but rain water ( I did give it some fertilizer mixed with tap water once). The following pic is after 2 and a 1/2 months. I thought I’d be way farther along. ??? Need h’ep.
I can’t find navigation tools here. Won’t allow me to post photos and no... no journal option.
you're gonna have to post to a forum. can't link to what you need from the status box. nav tools are at the top of every page in every forum.
write an intro post. nvm, found you in the FAQ.
slowly bringing both lights and nutes up. 3 of 4 plants responding positive. all are way back and super small. this grow has gotten super finicky.
Harvest Day! My very first harvest! White Widow 2! The adventure continues tomorrow with WW1!!
I’m thinking that a Sous Vide immersion heater shouldn’t sound like a mini-jackhammer. Yes I did all the troubleshooting their website suggested. It looks like a misaligned motor and shaft. Let’s see what the manufacturer says.