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See that bud at revelry! 👻
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Welcome to 420magazine my friend. :welcome: @BC Budnik
If you want to say hi and meet everyone here is a link

Nice to meet you.
Take care.
Hi Jaga! You might remember me as "Cannafan". I am pleased to see you out and about!
How are you doing?
Hey thanks for asking things are getting a bit better. I just had a major eye surgery but the worst bit was I got locked out of my 420 account 😂 I just got back. Of course I remember you.
I think I am following you in a thread now 😁 if not I will be.
All the very best from the uk my lovely ✌️
Lady Cannafan
Lady Cannafan
Sorry lady cannafan, I should have said yes there great 👍 I can see in H. D. the first week it looked amazingly colorful. I got a lot of confidence back, I went back for them to check up and see what glasses would be needed.
Well it must be the ganja as well because I only need reading glasses now. I only had the one eye done, I have to wait until the other cataract is hard.
Have a good day ✌️ 🎉 🕉
How are you Lady Cannafan?
Had a happy little accident yesterday, dropped one of my sour diesel autos while moving it from another room where she was in the dark for the day,and two branches broke off,at first I was devastated,lucky it happened when it did,as I was pulling her out the room and walking her back,I could smell how dank she was getting,I put a popcorn budd in the oven and tried it,for being a little early and drying it in the oven with no cure,it was still dank as hell,and got me fuckin ripped,can't wait to try her when she's really done,blew away something I just got from the dispensary that was 27% !
Hello my Lady, I was advised to ask LKBudMan about this but was unable to message him- perhaps you could forward, thanks, Nick

Hey now Mr. BudMan!, Hope you're having a good day.

I got an entry level tent system from Vivo, and although I don't know what I am doing, I have 2 pretty OG Godfather girls with lots of small greenish white flowers on 50 50.

Thing about it is, my fan light doesn't come on. Could I have the wires in wrong place? not that many options. Also, the middle button control runs my exhaust fan, although the book shows the bottom button should do it.

Thanks for any advice, Nick
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