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Hi Doc Bud,
I have just read your old reviews on the magical butter machine and I am finally going to open mine. I am really new to this and just wanted to ask a couple of questions if that is ok.

I find it hard to find articles on decarbing kief before using it in the magical butter machine. Is this something that you recommend (mine has been sitting for a few weeks now, so dry(, what temp and is pyrex ok to use? My second question is do you grind before putting it in or did you put the plant in as is (straight from the plant)

Thank you very much for your time and knowledge.

Can someone help me with a germination question please???? Kinda bummed....
kick that mutha. great bike. i have a stroked cammed drz 400 and my balance is too bad to ride it. i also have both sm and e model wheels for street and trail. and i don't have to kick it to stsrt it! :thumb:
Well it's Happening TODAY!

I'm quite stoked here about getting this Grow Journal Started. I've Purchased 5 Crown Royal Feminized Seeds from: Crop King Seeds in Vancouver British Columbia, where Many of the Best Strains especially OG Strains were Created by Some of the - Best
Master Growers on the Globe! Well to be Fair there are Some Truly Fantastic Growers these Days to be sure but my heart Sincerely went out to Our Brothers & Sisters in the U.S.A. whom Until the last 5 or so Years the Marijuana over there was absolutely Terrible. I have had Many visitors from the USA friends of friends and family etc.etc. The ONLY time anyone from the USA pulled out a bag of weed I just couldn't smoke it except for one fellow from Chicago named Richard who pulled out a pack of Camels and dumped about a Quarter 7 grams of some of the Best Gold Seal Black Hashish I have to this very day Ever Smoked! When I asked him where the heck did you get this amazing Hashish? He said "from this Biker Dude at a Rock Festival In Alberta Canada" on his way to Toronto and Hamilton/Niagara Falls Trip. We both started laughing our asses off as I was telling him he had the best dope I ever smoked from the U.S.A. :19: Anyhooow! I'd like to give Everyone whom intends on Growing Marijuana and wants to Save LOADS of Time,Money,Energy & Stress! Please Do Plenty of RESEARCH & ASK about ANYTHING U may not understand about Growing Marijuana.When it comes to any Forum Marijuana Growers get together & discuss Growing like this site and Overgrow.com the people are Fantastic of course your going to find those whom think they KNOW EVERYTHING and can be rude However the Majority are Wonderful and More than Happy to help other Growers. I wish I had done so when I was a Young Man However such information in the 70's & 80's was literally NON-Existent. I can ONLY DREAM of a site like YOUTUBE back then I'd own Quite the Grow Op today to say the LEAST. I spent loads of money on loads of Nutrients and soil additives etc. etc. When I Finally got my Own Style and through much Trial & Error I've Become a pretty Decent Grower not quite a -
- Master Grower but, "I am Going To Be" "U can Bank on That"

Sincerely: Don D. :Namaste: :green_heart::rollit::smokin2::48:

Okay I’m now putting 4 of the 5 Seeds into my Lucky Harley Davidson Germinating Cup
I am growing dark Angel and blue Cookie right now from crop kings. I’m also from Canada, look forward to seeing your journal, don’t forget to throw in a @Backlipslide please and thank you :thumb:
Germinate 3 widow seeds. 2 popped but it's been 3 days and still none broke soil. Kinda pissed about that smh.
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