420 Magazine Grow Journal of the Month: March 2020


Congratulations to MultiVortex, the winner of 420 Magazine’s Grow Journal of the Month – January 2020!

This award celebrates the very best grow journals on 420 Magazine based on relevant content, quality of writing, photography and general knowledge sharing. All grow journals are chosen by the 420 Magazine staff, to avoid any rumors of this being a popularity contest.

The winner earns the “Grow Journal Of The Month” title, Bic 420 Magazine Lighter420 Mag Stickers.

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MVortex’s Perpetual Thread For A 4×4 Tent & RDWC

If you are looking for a Grow Journal that walks you through the set-up of a RDWC system, from planning and build to installation and implementation, then look no further. MultiVortex shares his plans, details of his kit, set-up, even the problems of shopping for parts on Black Friday. This is a terrific step-by-step journal, from schematics to Scrogging.

What elevates this though to be worthy of Grow Journal of the Month is MultiVortex’s voice – his prose is clean and clear, his descriptions are detailed and his writing is frankly very funny at times: practical, down-to-earth and always with a smile. This is clearly a man who enjoys building, growing and writing.

To top it off, you’ll also learn how to create a beautiful canopy of green in your tent. This is one of the most concise, focused, instructive grow journals we’ve seen, and it’s a real delight to read.


Thank you, MultiVortexfor all you do for our community. We are truly grateful that you are here.