420 Magazine Grow Journal of the Month: September 2020


Congratulations to Baron Von Blurple, the winner of 420 Magazine’s Grow Journal of the Month: September 2020!

This award celebrates the very best grow journals on 420 Magazine based on relevant content, quality of writing, photography and general knowledge sharing. All grow journals are chosen by the 420 Magazine staff, to avoid any rumors of this being a popularity contest.

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Schloss Von Blurple

From page one of Baron Von Blurple‘s perpetual journal, we are straight into the action, calibrating that pH pen and wrestling with those little bugs. In fact, the discussion and photos identifying the insect culprits is itself a tutorial in pest identification. Growing in soil under Mars lights, the Baron’s journal is a perfect example of the expression, “The best fertilizer is the gardener’s shadow”. He shows that with a careful eye on the environment and a sharp eye on the girls, a first time grower can deliver beautiful plants and a successful harvest.

Throughout the successive grows that he documents, the Baron’s plants look great. There are beautiful photographs throughout, and not only in the tent as he shows his outdoor work in a lovely back garden. Every update is meticulously recorded with all the relevant information on the environment, the light height and the feeding schedule.

To top it all off, the exchanges with his subscribers are both entertaining and informative – the perfect combination. And if further reason to celebrate the Baron’s journal was needed, anyone who uses the word “neophyte” gets my vote.

Thank you, Baron Von Blurple, for all you do for our community. We are truly grateful that you are here.