420 Magazine Member of the Year: 2019

420 Magazine Logo Member of the Month

Congratulations to our member Old Salt on being the 420 Magazine Member Of The Year! You have shown outstanding effort to better our 420 Magazine community and we are truly grateful for your presence.

Old Salt has won some amazing prizes from 420 Magazine and our Sponsors.

“Member of the Year” title

420 Magazine T-Shirt

Bic 420 Magazine Lighter

420 Magazine Stickers

420 Magazine Magnet

Medium 420 Magazine Nug Jar

MagicalButter Contributes:

MagicalButter – CannaButter Making Device

Space Case Contributes:

1 2 Piece Magnetic Medium Space Case Grinder

Terpinator Contributes:

10 Liters Terpinator

GeoPot Contributes:

Five 10 Gallon GeoPots

Cannabis Irrigation SupplyContributes:

12 Outlet Manifold Kit

Foods Alive Contributes:

Organic Toasted Hemp Seeds

Vulx Contributes:

Two 750g buckets of Vulx

New420Guy Seeds Contributes:

5-pack Jedi Glue

New420Guy T Shirt

plus New420Guy Calendar and Pen

Remo NutrientsContributes:

1L Supercharged Kit

Mars HydroContributes:

Mars SP 250

2×4 Grow Tent

The Vault Seed Bank Contributes:

10 x Northern Lights Auto


$250 store credit

Sierra Natural Science Contributes:

1 gallon SNS 209 Systemic Pest Concentrate

Dope Seeds Contributes:

Stardawg x 5 seeds

Old Salt  is walking away with all of these goodies because he has shown outstanding commitment to helping our community. Thank you, Old Salt, for being such a valuable member and working so hard on the mission to raise cannabis awareness worldwide!