420 Magazine Plant of the Month: September 2020


Congratulations to our member MackMurder on growing the 420 Magazine Plant of the Month. You have shown substantial gardening skill and have produced a beautiful plant! From the garden of MackMurder comes Gorilla Skittlz.

MackMurder has won some amazing prizes from 420 Magazine and our Sponsors.

The winner earns “Plant of the Month” title, Bic 420 Magazine Lighter & 420 Mag Stickers

NextLight Contributes:

MagicalButter Contributes:

Cannapot Cannabis Seeds Contributes:

Terpinator/Purpinator Contributes:

GeoPot Contributes:

Geoflora Contributes:

Remo Nutrients Contributes:

Cannabis Irrigation Supply Contributes:

Foods Alive Contributes:

PerfectPipe Contributes:

Sierra Natural Science Contributes:

MackMurder is walking away with all of these goodies because he has shown outstanding gardening ability with the cannabis species. Thank you again for sharing that beautiful plant!