Plant Of The Year – 2015


Congratulations to our member Stage on growing the 420 Magazine Plant Of The Year! You have shown substantial gardening skill and have produced a beautiful plant!

From the garden of Stage comes Silver Fox:



In addition to 1,000 rep points and the lasting respect of the 420 Magazine community, Stage will receive a considerable prize package courtesy of our lovely Sponsors and 420 Magazine.

From Advanced LED Lights, one Diamond Series XML 350 LED

From Budmaster, one Budmaster II UK G.O.D-6 LED Grow Light

From DormGrow, one G8-240 Veg/Flower LED

From DLP Lamp Source LED Grow Lights, one Timber Vero240 LED Grow Light.

From Foods Alive: Hulled Hemp Seeds 8oz, Toasted Hemp Seeds 14oz, Stone Ground Organic Raw Hemp Seed Butter 8oz, Hemp Organic Flax Crackers, Organic Raw Hemp Oil 8oz

From Mars Hydro: Grow Tent

And one Mars II LED Grow Light 700W

From SmokinJs Alternative Pipe & Tobacco Store Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer & Brand Pack

From Vapor Warehouse, a VB11 Pen Vape

From MagicalButter MagicalButter – CannaButter Making Device

From Sierra Natural Science – Prize Package

SNS-217™ Natural Spider Mite Control (32 Ounce Spray Bottle – Ready To Use), SNS-244™ Natural Fungicide for Powder Mold (32 Ounce Spray Bottle – Ready To Use), SNS-203™ Natural Pesticide Soil Drench for Fungus Gnats, Aphids, Thrips, Shore & White Flies (16 Oz), SNS-209™ Natural Pesticide Systemic Insect Control (16 Oz Pint – Makes 60 Gallons), SNS-604A™ Natural Fertilizer Vegetation Organic Growth Supplement (16 Oz Pint – Makes 64 Gallons), SNS-604B™ Natural Fertilizer Flowering Organic Growth Supplement (16 Oz Pint – Makes 64 Gallons), SNS-311™ All Natural Surface Wash (16 Oz Pint – Makes 1 Gallon)

From BUDVAC Glass Vacuum Storage Containers, one 200ml Vacuum Jar

From SCROGCO, one Scrog Kit

From 420Packaging
Medicine Bottles

From Smoke Cones – King Size Cones

Smoke Cones – J-Tubes

From Space Case2 Piece Magnetic Medium Space Case Grinders

From Premier Tech Horticulture, 1 PRO-MIX t-shirt; 1 PRO-MIX ball point pen; 3 samples of 4oz PRO-MIX PUR MYCORRHIZAE (granular); 3 samples of 1oz PRO-MIX PUR MYCORRHIZAE (powder); 1 PRO-MIX baseball cap

From The Bulldog Amsterdam, one original t-shirt, original hoody, hat, keychain, bag and a lanyard.

From 420 Magazine, Nug Jar (Nugs are for decorative purposes only)

420 Magazine T-Shirt

420 Magazine Stickers

From Gorilla Seeds, a $50 gift certificate

From 70 Day Calendars, a 70 day calendar

From Crop King Seeds, a $100 gift certificate and prize package including a magnet, lighter, papers, jar & stickers

From Herbies Head Shop, a $50 Goody Box.

Stage is walking away with all of these goodies because he has shown outstanding gardening ability with the cannabis species. Thank you again for sharing that beautiful plant!