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Thread: Does Jazz Detox really work?

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    Does Jazz Detox really work?

    Hey, I went to a herbal spot here where i live and the lady gave me a detox drink called "Jazz" and told me to take chlorophyll..

    does this really work ? i have a drug test thursday! need help!

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    Re: Does Jazz Detox really work?

    Hi Michi,

    I am not familiar with that specific product, but I wanted to mention that natural products are help it help you kind of products. Which means that if you use THC twice a week or more, we recommend that you abstain from using at least 14 days prior to your test when using a natural product.

    If you are being subject to an Emit test (test panel test) you can often get away with less days clean.

    If you need more information, please feel free to contact our customer support at 1.866.900.5656

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