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Thread: Questions & Answers - Deleted Posts

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    Questions & Answers - Deleted Posts

    We've received a few (anonymous) questions and wish to address these for the benefit of any members who might also be curious about why we handle things the way we do.

    Why do you guys delete my posts just because I say I don't agree with the rules
    We're happy to discuss any topic via PM but don't wish to debate the site's policy in a public forum. We don't allow posts that bash the site, complain, or start drama. These types of post are distracting to the mission and take focus away from spreading Cannabis awareness.

    Please consider that 420 Magazine is a free site, and that all staff members are volunteers. Many people are working very hard behind the scenes to help keep 420 Magazine the best Marijuana site on the net. We just want to spread Cannabis awareness to the world and hope all members will help us maintain this focus.

    I really don't see why threads & also individual posts are deleted so quickly.

    I have seen problems with myself and others that could just correct a post rather than a whole thread &/or post & I have also noticed instances where I could correct my own mistakes, but this opportunity is not given because they are deleted without giving the user a chance.
    We immediately edit and delete threads that are in violation for several reasons:

    All staff are volunteers and work hours aren't set. We try to advise every member when a thread or post is edited. If we leave the posts there for later, and more members become involved in the discussion, there are more people to advise and typically, more violations.

    For example once one person violates the rule about not discussing underage smoking by saying "I started smoking when I was X", sure as heck 4.20 more people will chime in and say "Well I started when I was x-3"

    We've got to move quickly to keep the workload manageable.

    I think resolving issues can be done by confronting the situation without totally deleting them off the slate.
    Some members might prefer that corrections are handled in public, but we want to be considerate of those members that wish us to discuss any problems in private.

    Also, we want to keep the focus on our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness not discussing what this or that violation happened to be, or what the site policy should be in a particular instance.

    It can be very frustrating whether I spent a few seconds or a few minutes to respond to a violation and my post ends up deleted
    We ask all our members, particularly the veterans, to use the report post button whenever they see a violation. This allows the mods to see the problem, quietly resolve the issue, and show the member the respect of letting them know what happened in private.

    We understand this can be annoying, particularly if you've replied to a thread that was deleted and you didn't say anything wrong. Our suggestion would be that you report instead of reply to the violations you see, rather than spend your time on a post that you suspect will probably have to be deleted anyway.

    If we were to remove the post with the violation but leave a post that discusses the violation the post that is left behind would be out of context.

    I've seen my post get deleted but it wasn't explained to me until later
    The mod staff works as a team and in some cases one mod may delete a post while another may advise a little later. This is because the mods need to discuss the issue and develop the advisory.

    We try to avoid/minimize any delay in advisement but our priority is to remove the infraction from the public area as soon as possible. This preempts others from engaging the topic, which just creates the need for more edits and advisories.

    We respectfully request that if one of your posts is deleted, that you give our all-volunteer moderator staff a chance to contact you and explain the situation. Alternatively, if you don't receive an advisory or you wish to discuss the situation further, please PM any of the mods for an explanation. We are happy to discuss and resolve any issues.

    Please however do not start questioning or complaining about the actions in the public forums. There is no quicker route to a user ban that creating drama on the boards and more work for the staff.

    We thank you for your understanding and cooperation
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