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Thread: God, Art & Weed

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    God, Art & Weed

    Judging by the number of posts on these threads, I donít expect a response anytime soon. But I wanted to post this anyways because itís something thatís been on my mind for a long time. No questions, just sharing my experience and curious what others think.

    So Iíve been a toker for 20 years but I only got into religion about 7 years ago. I wonít go into details but I had a very spiritual experience which turned me into a devout believer. I wouldnít say I was agnostic before. I think I always wanted to believe but I never knew what to believe in. After this experience I did a lot of research on different religions, science, etc. I would say now that I accept Jesus as my savior, but I donít believe that one has to accept Jesus in order to be saved. Basically, I think each of our religions are merely just pieces of a puzzle, or pieces of a much larger picture, whereas religions (especially monotheistic religions) tend to think their specific religion IS the big picture. But Iím not starting this thread to argue beliefs Ö

    The strange thing about my experience is that the world now makes a lot of sense to me. Not that Iím necessarily right, but I donít question why we have terrorism or why kids in Africa starve while we have an obesity problem in the U.S. It all makes sense to me Ö which I think is a rare thing. Iím not much of a preacher, though, so Iíve actually been working on a fictional novel for the last 2 Ĺ years which goes deeply into my beliefs. This is not for the purpose of convincing others of what I believe, but more as an outlet to express my beliefs.

    Anyhow, what I struggled with for a long time was my marijuana usage. Not that I think weed is bad, but it says in the Bible that weíre to follow the laws of our land. So since I got into religion Iíve been down on myself because Iím not following this directive of the Bible. It eventually led to me giving up weed altogether (although for the sake of honesty I will add that the financial burden of buying a half ounce per month played into this as well). This was in December of 2015. Well, fast forward to December of 2016 and low and behold, weed is now legal in my state. So Iíve started growing my own in order to control cost, but I still pick up a little here and there to get me by until my first grow is ready for harvest.

    Whatís surprised me in all this is the effect smoking has had on my writing. I always thought that my writing was better when I smoke, even if it comes at the expense of the difficulty I sometimes have in getting my ideas from my brain to my word processor. And this is not to say that my writing was bad during my year of hiatus, but now that Iím smoking again, Iím blown away by the difference it has made. Iíll write a chapter and look at it and think, ďThis is blandĒ, or ďIt lacks substanceĒ or ďIt just doesnít flow properly.Ē Then I smoke a bowl and BAM!!! All of a sudden the conversations are flowing, the descriptions are so much more vivid, and the writing as a whole is just far and away better than when Iím sober.

    Now, I donít consider myself to be an artist. Iím very amateur. But I consider fictional writing to be an art just as music is an art, as is painting and filmography and so much more. Iím sure we all can admit that marijuana has had a major effect on music and movies, etc. I honestly believe that art is influenced by Godís spiritual connection to us, and after this year of hiatus and my experiences since, I am absolutely convinced that weed enhances that connection. Looking at the other posts here, I know Iím not the only one who thinks this.

    Now, Iím not some hippie (for lack of a better term) that believes marijuana enhances everything. Not that thereís anything wrong with that; itís just not me. I definitely believe in the benefits of weed, but I also believe in moderation and responsibility. For some people I think weed is great, whereas for others itís detrimental to their lives Ė such as its propensity toward influencing sloth. And while I love my weed and I canít wait for my first grow to be ready for harvest, I wonder about people elsewhere in the world Ė places where itís still illegal, people who allow their lives to go to waste because theyíre too stoned to get off the couch. Iím not one to judge nor am I one to tell other people what is right or wrong for them. But it makes me question how something can be ok for me, but based on local laws and the positive or negative influence it may have on their lives, maybe itís not ok for others.

    So these are just my experiences and the kinds of things I wonder about. Iíve made peace with my own marijuana usage and yet the questions still linger. So I just felt like sharing and I look forward to hearing the opinions of others on any of these topics Iíve brought up. Thanks for listening everyone. God bless!

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    Re: God, Art & Weed

    Cannabis expands our minds deeply and I've seen and experienced so much. I jot my notes down. And I accepted Jesus Christ Messiah as my LORD and Redeemed in 1969..

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    I plant the seeds of today because I believe in the harvest of tomorrow... Peace. Ms. Amy M.

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    Re: God, Art & Weed

    I believe Jesus is here with us and when the time is right all will be revealed. There is a war going on as we speak between good and evil spirits and we are all cought right in the middle though we all can't see it with our eyes.
    God and Jesus are real and so is eternity. The things you do here on earth and the decisions you make here decide how you will get to spend eternity. You reap what you sew, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, to God a day is to 1000 years as a 1000 years is to a day.

    Scenario: Family that's well off decorates lavishly, buys thousands of dollars worth of thoughtful un needed gifts for all of their family and friends and wraps them in foiled paper to celebrate Christmas.
    In the same town a few blocks away a boy and girl have old clothes and shoes and can't afford a good Christmas meal.

    Similar scenarios happen every Christmas.

    Stop buying unneeded gifts to celebrate Christ and show the love that He shows every day.

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