Hey all! Sorry I haven't posted here in a while. I was finishing up college and was super busy. Ok, so I wanted to tell you about 2 new hot grow boxes that we are currently selling and update you on some other items.

To view any of these items, please go directly to Dealzer.com because we are soon going to re-write our URLs and I don't want to post a link as it is going to change. You can also click on this grow system link to instantly end up at Dealzer.com.

1. Ok, first off, we have a new grow box for $399 called the "Cash Crop". Its pretty affordable, pretty stealthy, and grows extremely well from what I am seeing in the reviews online.

2. We also have the "Grow Buddy" which is pretty awesome as well. It is a larger box and only costs $599. Again, I am only seeing positive reviews so I wanted to share that.

3. Another major change was that the Mortgage Lifter and Mini Mortgage lifter have a new, super easy to use hydroponics setup inside of them. We got rid of the old one and upgraded to a bigger and better hydro system. It works better overall. This hydro system is brand new so I haven't read much about it in reviews, but I think they should be good. Also, the Cool Cab and Tomato Tent now have the same system installed in it. The Caddy has been discontinued.

All this free time out of college is great. Finally I can communicate with growers and such. If you have any questions, you can email me directly at support@dealzer.com or sales@dealzer.com. I answer all the emails so you will be speaking to the owner.

Stay in touch and grow big!