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Thread: Herbies Updates 13th September 2017

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    Herbies Updates 13th September 2017

    Herbies Updates 13th September 2017

    Back in Stock – You can see the full listing here

    Dutch Passion Durban Poison Regs
    Dr Krippling Gelato Cookie D’Oh-ope Auto (AKA GGG3) (new release)
    Ace Malawi Regs
    Seeds of Africa Misty Kei Regs
    Lady Sativa Genetics Orange Diesel Regs (cup winner)
    Fast Buds Stardawg Auto Fems
    Green House Super Lemon Haze Fems (cup winner)

    New Seeds – You can see the full listing here

    We are now listing NorStar Genetics Seeds

    All of NorStar Genetics are regular seeds and include:

    Vintners Moonshine
    The Mission
    Sugar Kiss
    Sour Chelumbian
    Queen Of Hearts
    Pretty Wicked
    Panama Jack
    Lands End
    Jungle Scout
    Golden Child
    Frisco OG
    Columbian Thunder Funk
    Bubba Fresh
    Borgota Breeze
    Amnesia OG
    Alcatraz OG

    We have added the following strains to our Mosca Seeds collection

    White Widow Fem
    Raspberry Boogie Regs (reported CBD of over 30%)
    Rage OGK Fems
    Pink Lemon Aid Regs
    Pink Gorilla Regs (yields up to 1000 gr)
    Pink Bubble Gum Regs
    Pineapple Mayhem Regs
    Mountain Dew Baja Blast Regs (yields up to 1000 gr)
    Moonshine Cookies Regs
    Legend OGK Fems
    Helio OGK Fems
    Double Zero OGK Fems
    Diesel Moonshine Regs
    Boom Boom Regs (reported CBD over 30%)
    Blotto OGK Fems

    A new breeder with Herbies Medical Marijuana Genetics

    Nightingale (NN-1) Feminised Seeds – CBD of 10.3-20.3%

    Hiydrow (HY-1) Feminised Seeds – CBD of 11-1-16.5%

    Green Doctor (GD-1) Feminised Seeds – CBD of 8.4-16.9%

    Candida (CD-1) Feminised Seeds – CBD of 10.6-20.6%

    Also new to us at Herbies, Hero Seeds

    Diesel Girl Fems

    Batgum Fems

    And another new breeder with Herbies – Digital Genetics

    White Fire Widow Regs

    The Wifi Connection Regs

    The White Star Regs

    Snowfire Isis Kush Regs

    Snowberry Blue Regs

    Albino Fire Skunk OG Regs

    Digital Dream Regs

    Grape Snow Train Regs
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    Re: Herbies Updates 13th September 2017

    your new auto range is insaine !
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    Velks first grow journal coco auto led
    Velks 2nd grow jounal Mephisto metropolis coco led
    Velk returns illuminautos mephisto coco led auto journal l#3

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